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Montessori-inspired Geography resource has everything you need to teach about layers of the Earth. This printable contains 3-part cards, description cards, a student booklet with blackline art for independent writing and tracing, a poster, and a cut & glue-type activity. This resource would be a great addition to your Earth Day materials and complementary work when presenting the Second Great lesson to lower elementary students.

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Here is what’s included:
6 x control cards (5 layers – inner core, outer core, mantle, crust and hydrosphere)
6 x label cards
6 picture cards
6 definition cards
3 x student booklet (independent writing, tracing – cursive & print)
cut and glue printout 
learning mats with picture cards, control cards, label cards, definition cards, student page size printouts, and a poster. 

NB This printable is also included in the money-saving bundle – Nature Curriculum in Cards  Bundle. If you have purchased the bundle in the past, you don’t need to purchase this printable as well.

The printable is suitable for children aged 3-8.

24 pages.

About the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series:

The Nature Curriculum in Cards series of printables is designed to minimize the cost, and the use of materials and resources such as paper and laminating sheets. You do not have to cut out individual control cards and definition cards.

Use the pages with control cards and description cards as work mats. This allows teachers and parents to save time and effort when preparing hands-on learning activities for their students.

Each printable may contain:

– a work mat with control cards

– a work mat with description cards

– a set of picture and label cards (matching photograph or clip art cards)

– student printouts for practicing handwriting with the black and white version of the same photographs or with clip art for coloring. You get an option of choosing printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts, or blank;

Pre-K and K students can be invited to work with a set for matching and sorting.

Primary students can use a work mat with control cards as the self-assessment sheet. Beginner readers can use it to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word.

Lower Elementary Students can use a work mat with definition cards. Invite the student to read a definition and find matching pictures and label cards. Invite them to use the first work mat with control cards for self-assessment.

Laminate and store all learning activity mats in one binder. Store the picture cards, label cards, and student printouts in a clear pocket following each work mat activity.

Attach clear velcro dots to the back of the cards for younger students or when doing activities outdoors. Cut velcro dots in half when using on narrow label cards.
Alternatively, you may choose to cut out control and description cards and store 3-part cards in a traditional Montessori way.

Please refer to an individual printable description to learn about the content of each printable.


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