Preschool and Kindergarten Human Body Pack “I am a Doctor”


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Get your preschool and kindergarten students exited to become doctors with this comprehensive and engaging “I Am a Doctor” activity pack! This printable pack is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for children aged 3-6, covering essential skills such as literacy, numeracy, fine motor, gross motor, and critical thinking.

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Key Features:

* Realistic clipart and photographs
* Variety of activities to practice:
+ Telling time with pegs
+ Letter formation (c, j, g, m, x, u)
+ Sight words (10 words)
+ Tracing and cutting
+ Push pinning shapes
+ Identifying sounds and sight words
+ Storytelling and writing
+ Gross motor movements and motor skills
+ Developing logical thinking and hand muscles
* Includes:
+ Montessori-style Parts of the Body cards
+ Life Cycle of the Human poster and 3-part cards
+ Internal Organs 3-part card activity and poster
+ Part of the Human Body 3-part cards featuring photographs
+ Sequencing cards for brushing teeth
+ Sorting activity for first aid kit vs backpack
+ Parts of a Tooth poster, labels, and black line pages


* Enhances problem-solving skills through hands-on activities
* Develops critical thinking and logical reasoning
* Improves fine motor skills through tracing, cutting, and push pinning
* Fosters creativity and imagination through storytelling and role-playing
* Supports literacy development through sight words and letter formation
* Encourages numeracy skills through addition activities

Perfect for:

Preschool teachers, educators, and parents looking for engaging and interactive learning activities to support early childhood education.


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