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  • Explore the fascinating life cycle of the human with Life Cycle of the Human Montessori 3 Part Cards.

    Life Cycle of the Human 3 Part Cards

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    Introduce your students to the life cycle of the human body with this printable resource. This bundle includes a poster and 3-part cards, featuring two sets of male and female life cycles, making it perfect for teaching biology, health, and science classes.

  • human body preschool pack

    Preschool and Kindergarten Human Body Pack “I am a Doctor”

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    Get your preschool and kindergarten students exited to become doctors with this comprehensive and engaging “I Am a Doctor” activity pack! This printable pack is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for children aged 3-6, covering essential skills such as literacy, numeracy, fine motor, gross motor, and critical thinking.

  • Germs and hygiene printables

    Germs and Hygiene Pack

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    Teach your students about the importance of preventing the spread of germs and staying healthy with this comprehensive Montessori-style resource! This bundle includes a range of printable materials designed to help students understand the mechanisms behind common illnesses like cold and flu, and how to make daily choices to minimize their chances of catching and spreading these diseases.

  • Human organs safari toob 3 part information cards montessori nature printable

    Human Organs Safari Toob 3 Part Cards

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    Enhance your students’ learning with our engaging Human Organs printables featuring 3 part cards and information cards for object-to-picture matching activities. Pair these cards with Safari TOOB figurines for a hands-on learning experience! These resources are perfect for teaching children about the human body, healthy body concepts, and Montessori Third Great Lesson for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 students. Help children build language skills, cognitive development, and a better understanding of their own bodies with these educational tools. Great for homeschooling, classroom use, or educational enrichment at home. This resource includes a set of human organ vocabulary cards – brain, heart, lungs, small intestines, large intestines, stomach, kidneys, liver.

  • systems of the human body printables

    Systems Of The Human Body 3 Part Cards Facts Student Book

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    Montessori Anatomy Printable – Systems of the Human Body
    Introduce your Montessori students to the fascinating world of human anatomy with this printable package! This resource is designed to help your students learn and understand the 10 main systems of the human body.

  • our amazing human body printable

    Our Amazing Human Body Activity Pack

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    Introduce Your Pre-K and Kindergarten Students to the Wonders of the Human Body! Are you looking for engaging learning activities to broaden your students’ vocabulary, improve their fine motor skills, and develop their sequencing skills? This comprehensive Montessori Human Body Printable is designed specifically for Pre-K and Kindergarten students aged 3-6.

  • Parts of the Patterns in Nature cards.

    Parts Of The Mouth 3 Part Cards Student Book

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    Develop your students’ vocabulary with this Montessori Mouth Nomenclature Printable! This set of 3-part cards includes 14 picture + label cards, 14 label cards, 14 picture cards, and 14 blank cards for students to complete in their own booklets.