Germs and Hygiene Pack


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This resource explains the mechanisms behind common illnesses like cold and flu caused by viruses. It was created to help to prevent the spread of germs and encourage students to make daily choices that can potentially minimize their chances of catching and spreading a cold, flu or other virus and bacteria borne diseases.


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Pack Content:

Types of Germs – 3-part cards and definition cards. These can go great with bacteria spread science experiments.
Why Do People Get Sick? -children’s mini-book (12 pages) that explains the mechanisms of catching a cold or flu and what the body does to fight it.
What you should do to stay healthy Vs. What you should not do to stay healthy sorting cards (2×12). I also included a card per sheet in case if you would like to print different size cards to bind into a book or for display purposes.
What I can do to stay healthy – student book
You can stop germs! – match-up cards (7 cards) and student cutting and coloring exercise.
Handwashing steps – sequencing cards (5 steps) and student book.
Handwashing poster


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