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This Autumn Montessori Unit is a helpful resource for teachers looking to incorporate hands-on activities into their classrooms. With a variety of materials including three-part cards, continent photo books, student booklets, adventure hunts, lacing cards, and counting cards, this printable is perfect for children aged 3-6. Featuring both British and American spelling, this collection of Fall themed activities covers pre-reading, reading, fine-motor skills, writing, vocabulary, counting, sorting, geography, language, math, sensory, and human body topics. With real photographs, clipart, and watercolour images, children will be engaged in learning about the beauty of the autumn season.


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Whether you are looking to teach children about fall around the world, the colors of autumn, the five senses, or parts of the hedgehog, this printable has you covered. Encourage exploration, conversation, and observation with activities like the Harvest Three Part Cards, I Spy Autumn counting activity, and Autumn Adventure Hunt.

Here is what’s included:
Autumn Around the World – photograph book for children to learn about different characteristics of the fall season across the globe. This set includes three countries for each of the six continents and three picture cards for Antarctica. Every set of printables in this pack is designed to encourage children to conduct their own research and build upon the information they receive through the materials.
Six Colors of Autumn – sorting hands-on activity featuring clear photographs and images (five per colour) that represent the gorgeous palette of nature in fall. Encourage children to conduct conversations based on their personal experience and observations.
Five Senses and self-assessment sheet – sorting hands-on activity – features five beautiful photographs for each of the five senses.
Harvest Three Part Cards – twenty three-part cards with the emphasis on learning new vocabulary and read familiar words. Autumn themed photographs are featured.
Parts of the Hedgehog Three-Part Cards and student booklet printout (clear, print and cursive for tracing) – feature clipart
I Spy Autumn – counting activity – features watercolour clipart
Counting 1-20 – counting activity with number labels and matching cards – feature watercolour clipart
Lacing Cards – autumn themed fine motor activity with six DIY lacing cards – feature watercolor clipart
Autumn Adventure Hunt – a list of treasures to be found on a nature walk.

This printable would support students’ learning in the classroom by providing a variety of hands-on activities focused on the autumn season. The activities cover a range of subjects including geography, language, math, sensory, and the human body. The use of real photographs, clipart, and watercolor images help to engage students and make the materials visually appealing.

The Autumn Around the World photo book allows students to learn about different characteristics of the fall season around the globe, promoting research skills and cultural awareness. The sorting activities for colors and the five senses encourage conversations and observational skills. The Three Part Cards and student booklets help students learn new vocabulary and practice reading and writing. The counting activities and lacing cards provide opportunities for fine motor skill development.

This printable would be a valuable resource for a Montessori classroom, offering a variety of activities to support students’ learning and engagement during the autumn season.

Please note, this product is also a part of Seasonal Hands-On Activities for Montessori 3-6 Classroom Bundle. If you have purchased the money-saving bundle, you don’t need to purchase this printable as well!

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  1. Alicia S. (verified owner)

    This was a great packet for learning about autumn and tying into geography and science units. Variety of topics with beautiful pictures.

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