Insects and Crawling Creatures Preschool Pack

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This printable Insects and Crawling Creatures learning activity pack is perfect for preschool teachers looking to engage their students in interactive and educational activities. Designed for children aged 3-6, this pack includes a variety of printables to help young learners build essential skills while having fun. With activities that focus on building tens, strengthening hand muscles, identifying colors, sorting and matching, and learning about different types of invertebrate animals, this pack offers a wide range of hands-on experiences for students. From exploring the spider life cycle to discovering the parts of a honey bee, children will broaden their vocabulary and develop logical thinking skills as they engage with the materials. Whether you’re looking to supplement your current curriculum or provide a fun and educational activity for your students, this Insects and Crawling Creatures learning pack is sure to be a hit in your preschool classroom.

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This printable will support students’ learning by providing them with a variety of hands-on activities that cater to different learning styles. The activities included in the pack are designed to engage young children in a fun and interactive way, making learning about insects and crawling creatures a memorable experience.
The pack covers a wide range of skills and concepts, such as fine motor skills, color recognition, logical thinking, and vocabulary development. By engaging in activities such as cutting, push pinning, sorting, and matching, students will have the opportunity to practice and improve their fine motor skills while also reinforcing important cognitive skills.
Additionally, the pack provides information on various types of insects and crawling creatures, allowing students to learn about different species and their characteristics. This can help to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the natural world around them.

Here is what’s included:
Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies
Spider life cycle
Parts of the Spider
Types of Spiders
Types of Spiders information cards
Spider characteristics
Spider information poster
My Book About Spiders
Spider Food vs. Predators sorting cards
Insects and Crawling Creatures fine motor learning activities
20 x bingo cards with 19 different types of beetles
Three-part cards and information cards with 27 different types of Insects and Crawling Creatures
Insects and Crawling Creatures resource with snail and slug cards for sorting
Insects and Crawling Creatures resource with cards for pairing and for working on associations
Insects and Crawling Creatures – Gross Motor Dice
Sight Words clip cards
Tens – matching cards
Honey bee life cycle
Parts of a Honey Bee
Types of Bees
Honey bee characteristics
Honey bee information poster
Honey bee Food vs. Predators sorting cards

200 pages.

This pack is suitable for K and preschool students.


1 review for Insects and Crawling Creatures Preschool Pack

  1. Julie B. (verified owner)

    This is an incredible resource for a great deal! It will last me more than a year and has provided excellent resources to teach my three-year-old daughter about insects. We love all the different activities that we can use now, and we will look forward to the older activities in a while. I have laminated some of the materials that we will use over and over. She really likes the matching opportunity with the insects. I will post a picture of that. She’s not that good at Pin pricking pictures yet, but she does enjoy trying.

    Image #1 from Julie B.
    Image #2 from Julie B.

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