Minibeasts Preschool Pack


Minibeasts learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. The invertebrate animals-themed activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.

Students will practice building tens, work on strengthening their hand muscles with cutting, and push pinning exercises, practice identifying colors, work on developing logical thinking with sorting and matching activities, learn about the types of minibeasts, spider life cycle, parts of a honey bee, different types of beetles, broaden their vocabulary, and so much more.

The printable features true to life images and photographs.

Here is what’s included:
Montessori cards with 12 parts of a honey bee and b&w student booklet for tracing and independent writing.
Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies.
Spider Life Cycle 3 Part Cards and B&W Student Booklet
Minibeasts fine motor learning activities that are a perfect addition to Spring and Summer Units.
20 x bingo cards with 19 different types of beetles
19 x call cards
Three-part cards and information cards with 27 different types of minibeasts – invertebrate animals that young children often find fascinating.
Minibeasts resource with snail and slug cards for sorting.
Minibeasts resource with cards for pairing and for working on associations.
Minibeasts – Gross Motor Dice
Sight Words clip cards
Tens – matching cards

148 pages.

This pack is suitable for K and preschool students.

This pack is included in the Preschool Activity Planner Month Six. Learn more

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