Sports Preschool Pack – Fine Motor 3D Shapes 3 Part Cards


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Learning activity pack for preschool children aged 3-6. “I am an athlete” activity pack contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children.


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Students will practice letter identification, tracing numbers and letters, cutting, push pinning, identifying sounds and sight words, expand their vocabulary, learn about good character traits when it comes to sports, work on storytelling, practice gross motor movements, fine motor skills, and hand muscles, develop logical thinking, learn to identify 3D shapes, learn about different types of sports, and so much more.
The printable features realistic clipart and photographs.

Here is what’s included:
Instructions and activity variations
Sight words (10 words)
“I am an athlete” initial sound game
Capital letters and lower case letters – matching activity
My favorite sport – story writing sheet
Gross motor dice printouts and cards
Building score numbers with blocks, tracing, and writing numbers 0-20 (two versions – blackline and color) including greater than, less than and is equal to extensions
Letter matching activity
3D shapes – matching and tracing exercise ( thirteen 3D shapes) that can be used together with the Montessori geometric solids and with the Yellow Geometric Solids
12 Winter sports and 12 Summer sports – vocabulary cards (feature photographs) and blackline student booklet – coloring, cutting and tracing practice
Logical thinking exercise – things that go together in sport (12 pairs and control chart)
Sport and exercise action verbs – letter matching and tracing activity (14 verbs)
Sports 3 – part cards (feature photographs) with 15 popular sports
16 cards for pin punching
10 Sports themed fine motor mats for working with pom poms or for dot painting (blackline and color cards)
“In Sports” – positive affirmations character education cards and backline student booklet

BONUS: Winter and Summer sports sorting cards

190 pages

This pack is suitable for K, preschool, Grade 1 students.



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