Peace Is In Me 3 Part Cards Pack


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This “Peace Is In Me” printable with 3 part cards, definitions and black and white student worksheets is an engaging and educational resource designed specifically for pre-k, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students. It includes a variety of activities aimed at cultivating peace, mindfulness, and nurturing writing skills.

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In addition to the 3-part cards, this printable product also provides tracing and independent writing exercises for both print and cursive writing. This enables students to practice and enhance their penmanship skills, fostering a foundation for confident and expressive writing. The tracing component includes engaging illustrations that resonate with children, making the learning process enjoyable and stimulating.

This printable also contains an independent writing worksheet. These worksheets encourage children to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings about peace through independent writing. This not only enhances their writing abilities but also allows them to reflect upon the importance of peace in their lives and the world around them.

Use the pages with control cards as a work mat. This allows teachers and parents to save time and effort when preparing hands-on learning activities for their students.
Pre-K and K students can be invited to work with a set for matching.
Beginner readers can use it to match the picture to the picture and the word to the word.
Attach clear velcro dots to the back of the cards for younger students or when doing activities outdoors.
Alternatively, you may decide to cut out control and description cards and store 3-part cards in a traditional Montessori way.

Here is what’s included:
Working mat with 8 pictures
Picture cards x 8
Label cards x 8
Working mat with 8 definitions
Working mat with 8 definitions minus the keyword
Black and white student worksheets x 3 (scrips, print and independent writing)
‘Peace in is me’ worksheet
There are many various ways you can use this resource in your classroom:

vocabulary wall
display cards
memory game
matching activity
3 part cards
in combination with the moveable alphabet

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  1. Janice Murphy (verified owner)

    Very engaging, beautiful pictures and activities.

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