Emotions and Feelings Sort Student Book


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Help your students develop emotional awareness and expression with this comprehensive sorting activity and student book! This resource is perfect for kindergarten, childcare, and lower elementary school classrooms.

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Explore Emotions and Feelings:

This activity is designed to help students identify and express their emotions when it comes to everyday activities they do in class, at home, or with their friends. With 10 emotion label cards and 30 labelled picture cards, students can match emotions with corresponding actions. This encourages critical thinking and self-awareness, allowing students to develop emotional intelligence.

Strategies for Managing Emotions:

The activity also includes strategies for managing feelings that may limit positive activity. Encourage students to explain their feelings if they feel safe to do so, and offer suggestions for coping with emotions.

My Book of Feelings:

The student book is a great way to reinforce learning and provide a personalized outlet for students to express their emotions. Students can color, draw, or write down what makes them feel nervous, mad, happy, scared, confused, embarrassed, shy, sad, proud, or silly.

What’s Included:

* 10 emotion label cards (nervous, mad, happy, scared, confused, embarrassed, shy, sad, proud, and silly)
* 30 labelled picture cards with various activities
* My Book of Feelings student book for coloring and drawing/writing


* Develops emotional awareness and expression
* Encourages critical thinking and self-awareness
* Provides a safe space for students to express their emotions
* Reinforces learning through a personalized activity

**Age Range:** Kindergarten to Elementary School

**Grade Level:** Preschool to 3th Grade


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