Montessori Homeschooling Children with Special Needs Video Presentation by Every Star Is Different


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In this comprehensive 30-minute video presentation, Renae from Every Star Is Different Montessori blog and shop provides valuable insights into homeschooling children with special needs using the Montessori method. Learn practical strategies and techniques for adapting Montessori materials and activities to meet the unique needs of your child.

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Unlock the potential of Montessori homeschooling for children with special needs with this insightful 30-minute video presentation by Renae from Every Star Is Different Montessori blog. Renae’s expertise in homeschooling her four children using a Montessori-inspired thematic unit approach shines through as she provides practical tips and strategies for adapting Montessori principles to cater to the unique needs of children with developmental, emotional, or dietary challenges. Discover how to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment at home, fostering growth and development in a way that is tailored to each child’s specific requirements. With a focus on support, encouragement, and innovative ideas, Renae’s presentation is a valuable resource for families embarking on the Montessori homeschooling journey with special needs children.

After purchasing this product, you will receive a downloadable PDF containing access to this video presentation. The video is hosted on Canva, and you can easily view it by clicking the link provided in the PDF. Simply download the PDF after purchase and follow the link to dive into this informative session led by homeschooling and special needs expert Renae from Every Star Is Different. This accessible format allows for convenient viewing and learning at your own pace.

Renae homeschools her four children using a Montessori-inspired thematic unit approach. She also strives to introduce and encourage Montessori principles in the home and in everyday situations. All of her unit activities, printables and FREE printables can be found on her blog Every Star Is Different. The blog also focuses on support, encouragement, and ideas for families with special needs, whether they are developmental, emotional, or dietary.

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