Winter Pack for Pre-K and Preschool


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Engaging pack of winter-themed printable activities for children aged 2-4 that supports student’s development in various areas, such as reading, sight words recognition, pre-reading skills, classification, counting, fine motor skills, cutting skills, concentration, helps to build vocabulary and get active in nature.


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Fun, learning activities for children to broaden their vocabulary, develop fine motor skills, and the ability to discriminate according to different characteristics, like color and size. These are great for the Montessori classrooms and as individual quiet activities.
Winter Pack for Toddlers and Young Preschoolers contains:
– photo cards for sorting colors
– winter vocabulary photo cards
– winter silhouette match-up activity
– cards for practicing counting 0 – 10 (using pegs)
– size sorting
– puzzles
– do-a-dot worksheets
– puzzles for coloring in
– handwriting practice activity
– living/non-living cards for sorting
– cutting strips

35 pages


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