Winter Pack Preschool Hands-on Learning Activities


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Get your classroom ready for the winter season with this engaging pack of printable activities for preschoolers. This winter-themed pack is designed to support students’ development in various areas, such as reading, sight words recognition, pre-reading skills, classification, counting, fine motor skills, cutting skills, concentration, vocabulary building, and getting active in nature. This Winter Pack for Preschoolers includes a variety of activities to keep your little learners engaged and learning. From photo cards for sorting colors to winter vocabulary cards, counting practice, size sorting, puzzles, do-a-dot worksheets, coloring puzzles, handwriting practice, living/non-living sorting cards, and cutting strips, this pack has it all.

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Help your students build essential skills while having fun with these winter-themed activities.

Here is what’s included:
photo cards for sorting colors
winter vocabulary photo cards
winter silhouette match – up activity
cards for practicing counting 0 – 10 (using pegs)
size sorting
do-a-dot worksheets
puzzles for coloring in
handwriting practice activity
living/non-living cards for sorting
cutting strips
This printable pack can support students’ learning in the classroom by offering a variety of hands-on and engaging activities that target a range of developmental areas. For example, the photo cards for sorting colors and winter vocabulary can help students build their vocabulary and categorization skills. The counting and size sorting activities can support students’ math skills, while the puzzles and do-a-dot worksheets can help with fine motor skills and concentration. The handwriting practice activity can support pre-reading and pre-writing skills, while the living/non-living cards for sorting can help students with classification. This winter-themed printable pack can provide a fun and interactive way for students to learn and develop important skills in a variety of areas.



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