Food and Nutrition Pack


With this pack, children will gain crucial knowledge about nutrition and healthy foods,  find out where our food comes from.

Download preview file here: Food and Nutrition Montessori Nature preview file

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Food and Nutrition Pack contains Montessori inspired 3-part cards and cards for sorting and classification.
These materials are designed to give children an initial introduction to whole foods, nutrition, and introduce two mains sources of food – plants and animals.

This file includes:
Nutritional Facts – 3-Part Cards with food pictures and vitamins – (set of 8 cards);
Sorting activity – “Sometimes” and “Everyday” food (15 sometimes and 15 everyday food examples);
Whole Foods – 3-Part Cards (20 examples of whole foods);
Plants We Eat (5 cards for each part of the plant);
Food From Animals (9 different animals and food that comes from it);
Food In Natural Habitat (15 different examples of food growing in nature);

45 pages.

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