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This comprehensive Food and Nutrition pack is perfect for teachers looking to educate their students about the importance of healthy eating and where our food comes from. The Montessori-inspired 3-part cards and sorting activities are designed to engage children and help them learn about different food groups, vitamins, and the origins of our food. Included in this pack are Nutritional Facts cards featuring foods and their corresponding vitamins, a sorting activity for classifying “Sometimes” and “Everyday” foods, and cards introducing children to whole foods. Additionally, there are sorting activities for plants we eat, cards showcasing different animals and the food they provide, and examples of food growing in its natural habitat.

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With this Food and Nutrition pack, children will gain crucial knowledge about nutrition, healthy foods, and the sources of our food supply. This resource is a valuable addition to any classroom looking to promote healthy eating habits and educate students about the origins of the food they consume.

Here is what’s included:

  • Nutritional Facts – 3 part cards with foods and vitamins – (a set of 8 cards)
  • Sorting activity – “Sometimes” and “Everyday” foods
  • Whole Foods – 3 part cards
  • Plants We Eat sorting activity
  • Cards with 9 different animals and food that comes from it
  • Food In its Natural Habitat (cards with 15 different examples of food growing in nature).

45 pages

Here are some ways in which teachers can utilize this pack:

Health and Nutrition Lessons: Use the Nutritional Facts cards to teach students about the importance of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Discuss the benefits of consuming a variety of whole foods and the impact of different food groups on overall health.

Sorting and Classifying Activities: Engage students in hands-on learning with the sorting activities provided in this pack. Help students distinguish between “Sometimes” and “Everyday” foods, and encourage them to categorize different types of plants we eat and food sources from animals.

Science Lessons: Introduce students to the concept of food sources by using the cards featuring animals and the food they provide. Explore the connection between animals and the food we consume, and discuss the importance of sustainability in food production.

Geography and Environmental Studies: Use the Food In its Natural Habitat cards to teach students about where different types of food grow in nature. Connect this information to discussions about ecosystems, agriculture, and the impact of human activity on food production.

Montessori-Inspired Learning: Utilize the 3-part cards and other materials in this pack to incorporate Montessori-inspired learning principles into your classroom. Encourage independent exploration and discovery as students engage with the materials to learn about nutrition and healthy foods.

This Food and Nutrition pack is a versatile resource that can be used across various subject areas to help students gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, healthy eating habits, and the sources of our food supply.


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