Nature Journal Children’s Activity Book with Prompts I see I wonder I create


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Unlock your child’s creativity with I see. I wonder. I create – an art activity book filled with 20 beautiful illustrations by artist Alexandra Burda. This unique resource is perfect for teachers looking to inspire their students to connect with nature and unleash their imagination.
Encourage children to explore the beauty of the world around them as they complete each picture in their own unique way. Use a variety of media to bring each illustration to life multiple times.

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This art activity book is ideal for sparking creativity, promoting mindfulness, and fostering a love for nature. Help your students develop their artistic skills while developing a deeper connection to the natural world with I see. I wonder. I create.

Here are some possible uses for this art activity book in the classroom:

1. as a creative warm-up activity at the beginning of the day
2. as a calming and reflective activity during a transition period
3. as a way to encourage mindfulness and focus in students
4. as a way to incorporate art and nature into a lesson or unit
5. as a tool for teaching students about the importance of observation and interpretation in art and nature
6. as a way to foster imagination and creative thinking in students
7. as a tool for encouraging self-expression and individuality in students
8. as a collaborative activity where students can share and discuss their interpretations and creations with their classmates.

These is an additional Nature Journal bonus included.


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