Colors in Nature

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-Montessori Printable for preschool that teaches the child to do visual discrimination of the colors using gorgeous photographs of nature.
-Photographs of the natural world divided into 11 different colors;
-Extension to the Montessori color box II.
-Suitable for children aged 2-5.
-Includes 11 x label cards 55 x photographs of nature. (plus option to choose ‘gray’ or ‘grey’ when printing).
-Areas of development: Sensorial, Language.
-A great addition to your Earth Day resources.

Colors in Nature printable can be presented in many different ways. The primary purpose is to use it as an extension to Montessori color box II and a sorting activity. The child learns to do visual discrimination of the primary colors, secondary colors, pink, brown, black, white and grey. Invite the child to look for the most dominant color in the image when sorting.


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