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This Montessori-inspired printable is perfect for preschool teachers looking to enhance their students’ learning of colors using stunning photographs of nature. With 55 photographs and 11 label cards, children will be engaged as they develop their visual discrimination skills. The included coloring pages and vocabulary list add extra value to this resource, perfect for Earth Day activities. Ideal for Sensorial and Language development, this printable is a helpful addition to a early learning classroom for incorporating nature into their color learning curriculum.

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Here is what’s included:

11 x label cards 55 x photographs of nature
11 x coloring pages with labeled blackline images for coloring
vocabulary list

Colors in Nature printable can be presented in many different ways. The primary purpose is to use it as an extension to Montessori color box II and a sorting activity. The child learns to do visual discrimination of the primary colors, secondary colors, pink, brown, black, white, and gray. Invite the child to look for the most dominant color in the image when sorting.

The printable presents 11 colors: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, gray, brown, black, and white.

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing hands-on, engaging activities that cater to different learning styles. The photographs of nature can help children connect the colors they are learning to real-life objects, making the learning experience more meaningful and concrete. The labeling cards and coloring pages provide opportunities for language development, as students can practice naming the colors and describing the images.

By incorporating this printable into lessons or centers, teachers can create a multi-sensory learning environment that supports children’s sensorial development. Students can practice sorting, matching, and categorizing the colors, promoting visual discrimination skills. Additionally, the vocabulary list can expand students’ language skills and deepen their understanding of color concepts.

This Montessori-inspired printable for learning colors in nature can be a valuable resource for preschool children to explore and strengthen their knowledge of colors while also fostering a connection to the natural world.

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