Bee Early Learning Pack Life Cycle Play-Doh Mats


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This comprehensive Bee themed set includes lacing card, number clip cards, tracing and coloring sheets, counting activities, building letter activity, cutting exercises, pre-writing practice, play-doh mats, a bee life cycle poem, and story activities. These fun and engaging printables are perfect for Spring and Summer lessons about bees. They are also great resources for promoting fine motor skills, math concepts, literacy, creativity, and counting skills in young learners. Your students will love buzzing around the classroom as they learn and play with these bee themed activities. This educational and interactive resource is designed to captivate your students’ imaginations and enhance their early learning experiences.


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Bee printables are great additional resources for promoting a holistic approach to learning in the classroom. They provide a hands-on and engaging way for students to explore various skills and concepts while learning about bees and the natural world:

Fine motor skills development: Bee printables such as lacing card, cutting strips, and play-doh mats help preschool and kindergarten students improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Math concepts reinforcement: Number clip cards, counting clip cards, and tracing worksheets help students practice counting, number recognition, and basic math skills.

Literacy promotion: Building letters with blocks cards, pre-writing worksheets, coloring cards, and matching activities help students with letter recognition, handwriting practice, and literacy skills.

Creativity enhancement: Bee printables offer opportunities for students to express their creativity through coloring, storytelling activities, and play-doh mats.

Counting skills practice: Counting clip cards, number clip cards, and matching activities help students practice and reinforce their counting skills.

Lacing card
Clip cards with bead bars and number rods addition and subtraction task cards
Building letter activity
Tracing practice capital and lower case letter
Cutting or coloring picture cards
Cutting strip and matching activity
Play-doh mats
Life cycle poem
Life cycle story
Pre-writing tracing activities
Hundred board counting exercise.


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