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  • Montessori nature learning bee printable preschool lacing card math coloring counting cutting prewriting playdoh life cycle (3)

    Bee Early Learning Pack Life Cycle Play-Doh Mats

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    This comprehensive Bee themed set includes lacing card, number clip cards, tracing and coloring sheets, counting activities, building letter activity, cutting exercises, pre-writing practice, play-doh mats, a bee life cycle poem, and story activities. These fun and engaging printables are perfect for Spring and Summer lessons about bees. They are also great resources for promoting fine motor skills, math concepts, literacy, creativity, and counting skills in young learners. Your students will love buzzing around the classroom as they learn and play with these bee themed activities. This educational and interactive resource is designed to captivate your students’ imaginations and enhance their early learning experiences.

  • The Types of Butterflies - Color Identification Clip Cards are shown on color identification clip cards.

    Types of Butterflies – Color Identification Clip Cards

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    Clip cards with sixteen different types of butterflies.

  • Insects and crawling creatures cards

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – Fine Motor, Cutting, Pin Poking, Coloring

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    Insects and Crawling Creatures fine motor learning activities are a perfect addition to Spring and Summer Units. Children often get fascinated with little bugs and insects they can spot every day outdoors during the warm spring and summer seasons. This brings a perfect opportunity to engage their little fingers to develop fine motor and exercise finger muscles.

  • Montessori printable Beetles Bingo Activity featuring Beetles Bingo Activity - 20 Different Bingo Cards for kids.

    Beetles Bingo Activity – 20 Different Bingo Cards

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    Have your students learn to identify 19 different kinds of beetles with this fun Beetle Bingo activity. With 20 bingo cards, this game can be done with large and small groups of students.

  • Insects and crawling creatures cards

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – 3 Part Cards – Information Cards

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    Three-part cards and information cards with 27 different types of Insects and Crawling Creatures – invertebrate animals that young children often find fascinating.

  • Insects and crawling creatures cards

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – What Goes Together – Pairing Cards

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    This Insects and Crawling Creatures resource with cards for pairing and for working on associations is great for developing logical thinking in young children.

  • Insects and crawling creatures cards

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – Gross Motor Dice

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    This Insects and Crawling Creatures resource is a great way to get little kids up and moving, work on coordination and gross motor movements.

  • A set of Bugs Insects and Minibeasts Toddler Picture Cards Matching Activities - Editable with pictures of ladybugs and insects.

    Bugs Insects and Minibeasts Toddler Picture Cards Matching Activities – Editable

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    Twenty picture cards for toddlers containing animal photographs of bugs, insects and minibeasts.
    These gorgeous picture cards are specially designed for little toddlers with rounded corners and clear and visually appealing photographs.

  • Insects and Arachnids Vocabulary 3 Part Cards - Editable - printable.

    Insects and Arachnids Vocabulary 3 Part Cards – Editable

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    Language Cards – Insects and Arachnids Vocabulary – 3 Part Cards

    Three-part cards are an excellent tool to help interactively learn new vocabulary and spelling. Classified cards can be used to enrich the child’s vocabulary, to develop reading, writing, and classification skills while broadening the child’s knowledge of the world. Create bilingual/multilingual cards for the students in your minority language with ease.

  • Dragonfly Resources for the Montessori classroom and preschoolers.

    Dragonfly Resources

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    Dragonflies have such a unique life cycle from a nymph, molt transforming into a gorgeous dragonfly! This set of resources is a wonderful addition to the Insect and Life Cycle Units.
    Dragonfly hands-on activities for preschool and lower elementary students.

  • Insects and Crawling Creatures Safari cards montessori nature 3 part information cards printables editable (1)

    Insects and Crawling Creatures – Safari Toob 3 Part Information Cards – Editable

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    Enhance your insect and crawling creature unit with these engaging printables! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 students, your little learners will love matching the Safari TOOB figurines to the corresponding pictures and objects with these 3-part and information cards. These printable cards not only reinforce object-to-picture matching skills, but also help children learn language and expand their vocabulary. They can also be used to teach about insects, invertebrates, and the changing seasons of Spring and Summer. Incorporate these resources into your lesson plans to make learning about bugs and critters fun and interactive.

  • Sale! Butterfly life cycle anatomy characteristics types montessori nature printable 3 part cards information student booklets tracing coloring learning pack (3)

    Butterfly Bundle Life Cycle Anatomy Types Facts Characteristics

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    Enhance your Spring and Summer units with these comprehensive butterfly printables, perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students. These resources cover a wide range of topics including the butterfly life cycle, parts of a butterfly, butterfly characteristics, and types of butterflies from around the world. The three-part cards match the Safari Ltd Butterflies TOOB and Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly, making learning about these beautiful insects even more interactive. The set also includes sorting activities, matching activities, cutting practice sheets, and even stunning paintings featuring butterflies for an art appreciation lesson.

  • Insects 3 part cards montessori nature

    Insects of Australia 3-Part Cards

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    This engaging printable features clear and colorful images of 20 different Australian insects, perfect for helping young learners easily identify and learn about the bugs they see in their own backyard. The set includes labeled control cards, picture cards, label cards, and a definition card to enhance comprehension and retention. From the common fly to the fascinating mantis and everything in between, this resource is sure to capture children’s attention and spark their curiosity about the world of insects. Bring the wonders of nature into your classroom with this educational and visually appealing teaching tool. Perfect for homeschooling parents, nature enthusiasts, and teachers looking to add a fun and interactive element to their lessons.

  • animals that help humans survive montessori nature printable

    Animals That Help Humans Survive

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    This resource on essential animals for human survival is perfect for teachers looking to educate their students on the importance of these creatures. With 3 part nomenclature cards and information cards for 10 different animals, students will have fun learning fascinating facts about each one. This resource is a great addition to any Earth Day unit and will engage children in discovering how these animals play a vital role in our lives.

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