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3D Shapes and Real World Objects I Have, Who Has? Game – A Fun Math Challenge for K and Grade 1 Students!
Are you looking for a engaging and interactive way to teach 3D shapes to your kindergarten or grade 1 students? This “I Have, Who Has?” game is designed to challenge your students’ problem-solving skills while reinforcing their understanding of 3D shapes in real-world objects.

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Each player reads their card and asks the class, “I have [shape]. Who has [number] real-world objects?” For example, “I have a ball. Who has 2 real-world ovoids?” Students must listen carefully to each question and think critically about which shape they have that matches the description.


* Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
* Reinforces understanding of 3D shapes in real-world objects
* Encourages active listening and collaboration
* Can be used as a transition activity, math center activity, or small group activity
* Suitable for kindergarten and grade 1 students

What’s Included:

* 32 color cards with 3D shapes and corresponding real-world objects
* 32 blackline cards with 3D shapes and corresponding real-world objects
* Recommendations and instructions for game play
* Answer Key

Shapes Included:

* Sphere
* Cube
* Ovoid
* Cone
* Cylinder
* Pentagonal prism
* Pyramid
* Triangular prism
* Rectangular prism
* Hemisphere
* Ellipsoid



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