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Engage your students with this fun and educational Counting 0 – 10 in Nature printable activity! This printable includes a work mat with numbers 0-10, 11 cards featuring natural objects for counting and matching, and student printouts with print and cursive tracing fonts as well as blank spaces for coloring and practicing handwriting. Perfect for early learning educators looking to reinforce counting skills and handwriting practice in a hands-on way. Your students will love connecting with nature while learning essential math and writing skills.

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Here is what’s included:
work mat with numbers 0-10
11 cards with natural objects for counting and matching
student printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for coloring and practicing handwriting.

This printable can support students’ learning by helping them practice counting from 0 to 10 in a hands-on and engaging way. The work mat with numbers 0-10 allows students to visually see and place objects in the correct order while counting. The cards with natural objects will help students practice counting and matching the correct number to the corresponding objects.

Additionally, the student printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts, and blank spaces provide opportunities for students to practice their handwriting skills while also reinforcing their understanding of counting and number recognition. By using a nature theme, students will also be able to connect their learning to the world around them.

In the classroom, this printable can be used as a math center activity where students can work independently or in small groups to practice counting and handwriting. It can also be used for individual practice or as homework assignments to reinforce skills learned in the classroom.

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