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Engage your students with this fun and educational 2D Shapes in Nature matching activity and handwriting sheets printable! Perfect for early learners, this product includes a work mat with 12 cards featuring various 2D shapes found in nature such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and more. The accompanying 12 picture cards feature beautiful photographs for students to match with the corresponding shape.
This printable also includes student printouts with both print and cursive tracing fonts, as well as blank spaces for coloring, tracing, and practicing handwriting. Help your students strengthen their shape recognition skills while also improving their handwriting in a meaningful and engaging way. With vibrant photographs and interactive activities, this 2D Shapes in Nature printable is sure to be a hit in your classroom.

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Here is what’s included:
work mat featuring 12 cards with 2D shapes – rectangle, circle, triangle, star, oval, ellipse, heart, square, quatrefoil, curvilinear triangle, pentagon, and trapezoid.
12 picture cards featuring photographs for matching
student printouts with print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for coloring, tracing and practicing handwriting.
This printable can support students’ learning by helping them recognize and identify 2D shapes in nature through real-life photographs. The hands-on matching activity can help reinforce their understanding of different shapes and how they appear in the world around them. The handwriting sheets can also provide opportunities for students to practice writing and tracing the names of the shapes in both print and cursive fonts.
In the classroom, this printable can be used as a center activity where students can work independently or in small groups to match the shape cards with the corresponding nature photographs. This can be a fun and engaging way for students to practice shape recognition skills. The handwriting sheets can be used as a follow-up activity or as part of a handwriting practice station. Teachers can also incorporate discussions about where students have seen these shapes in the real world to make the learning more relevant and contextual.

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