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Enhance your classroom learning with these vibrant Leaf Shapes 3-part card activities and handwriting sheets! This printable resource includes both clipart images and photographs of 14 different leaf shapes to engage your students. Choose between the 3-part cards, definition cards, and student booklet for independent practice, or the learning mats with description cards for hands-on learning. With options for print, cursive tracing fonts, and coloring, this resource is perfect for reinforcing shape recognition and handwriting skills.


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Here is what’s included:

1) Leaf shapes 3-part cards, definition cards, and student booklet with a black and white line for coloring and independent handwriting practice.
This printable features clipart images and photographs of 14 leaf shapes.

2) Leaf shapes learning mats.
2 work mats with 7 types of leaf shapes each (first mat: reniform, spatulate, obcordate, sagittate, hastate, cordate, aciculate; second mat: orbiculate, linear, deltoid, ovate, lanceolate, elliptical, obovate ).
2 work mats with description cards.
14 picture and 14 label cards.
student printouts with black and white photographs, print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for coloring and practicing handwriting.

These printables can support students’ learning in the classroom by:

1) Helping students to visually identify and recognize different shapes of leaves through the use of photographs and clipart. This can aid in strengthening their observational skills and understanding of the natural world.

2) Providing hands-on activities such as the 3-part card activity and handwriting sheets, which can engage students in interactive learning and help reinforce their knowledge of leaf shapes.

3) Offering students the opportunity to practice handwriting skills through tracing fonts and independent coloring activities. This can help improve fine motor skills and encourage creativity in the classroom.

These printables can enhance students’ learning experience by providing a combination of visual, hands-on, and writing activities to support their understanding of leaf shapes.
The printable is suitable for children aged 3-7


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