Dragonfly Resources


Dragonflies have such a unique life cycle from a nymph, molt transforming into a gorgeous dragonfly! This set of resources is a wonderful addition to the Insect and Life Cycle Units.
Dragonfly hands-on activities for preschool and lower elementary students.

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Parts of the Dragonfly – 3 part cards with 11 nomenclature cards
My Book of Parts of the Dragonfly – student booklet (blank for independent writing, cursive, and print tracing) – clipart
Letter size Life Cycle of the Dragonfly – clipart
Life cycle of the Dragonfly student printout (cursive, print and blank for independent writing) (clipart)
Life cycle of the Dragonfly 3 part cards and sequencing cards (photographic images)

20 pages
Please note, this printable is also included in the Summer Pack

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