Los Animales Marinos Ocean Animals Spanish Bilingual 3 Part Cards


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Bilingual Vocabulary Cards – Spanish – English – Los Animales Marinos ( Ocean Animals ) 3 Part Cards.


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There are many various ways you can use this resource in your classroom:

vocabulary wall
display cards
memory game
matching activity
3 part cards
in combination with the moveable alphabet
Here is what’s included:

– 40 picture + label cards
– 40 picture cards
– 40 label cards
– student booklet
– instructions

Cards measure:

label and picture card: 12×9.3cm or 4.7″x3.6″
picture card: 8.9×9.3 cm or 3.5″x3.6″
label card: 2.9×9.5 cm or 1.1″x3.6″

Vocabulary featured in the set: Ocean Animals, butterflyfish, blue whale, dolphin, jellyfish, turtle, stingray, shark, cuttlefish, sperm whale, shrimp, sea star, squid, crab, sea urchin, angelfish, nautilus, sailfish, walrus, coral, moray eel, sponge, lionfish, octopus, porpoise, pufferfish, seahorse, orca, scallop, seal, flying fish, narwhal, tuna, ocean sunfish, anglerfish, anemone, sea lily, sawfish, clownfish, seabird.

Before you print a PDF, ensure you open your files with “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. After printing 3-part cards on cardstock (photo cardstock works great), cut cards and laminate if desired. When presenting to young children, use a corner rounder to cut corners.


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