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This comprehensive set of strawberry printables is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students who are curious about where food comes from and want to learn more about botany. With these colorful and engaging printables, students will explore the life cycle of strawberries. They’ll learn about the different parts of a strawberry plant. You’ll also discover interesting facts about strawberries, such as their origin and how they’re grown. These printables are an excellent addition to your curriculum when teaching about plants, food, and botany. They’re perfect for centers, group work, or individual activities.

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Key Features:

Strawberry Life Cycle Printables
Parts of a Strawberry Plant Diagram
Interesting Facts about Strawberries
Strawberry Plant Characteristics
Engaging and interactive printables for botany and plant learning
Colorful and engaging illustrations make learning fun and accessible for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students
Easy to use and print out
Can be used in a variety of settings, including classrooms, homeschools, and educational centers
Supports cross-curricular learning by incorporating science, social studies, and language arts skills

These printables are perfect for teaching your students about the life cycle and botany of strawberries, and can be used as a supplement to your existing curriculum or as a standalone resource. They are great for:

Exploring where food comes from and how it’s grown
Introducing botany concepts to young learners
Enhancing understanding of plant structures and life cycles
Supporting STEM education and agricultural literacy

What You’ll Get:

Two sets of Strawberry Life Cycle resources: one with a simple illustration and another with more complex explanation of the way strawberries reproduce.


* Strawberry Life Cycle Diagram
* Strawberry Life Cycle 3 part cards
* Strawberry Life Cycle Coloring, Cutting, and Pasting Worksheet (color and blackline)
* Strawberry Life Cycle Tracing Strips
* Strawberry Life Cycle Information Cards
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Diagram
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Diagram minus labels
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Labels
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Information Cards
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Tracing & Independent Writing Worksheet
* Parts of a Strawberry Plant Student Booklet (independent writing)
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Color Poster
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Black Line Poster
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Mat
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Color Cards
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Tracing and Coloring Student Booklet
* Strawberry Plant Characteristics Student Booklet
* Strawberry Plant Information Poster
* My Book About Strawberry Plants.


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