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Summer Fun: I Have, Who Has? Printable for Pre-K and K Students
Reinforce letter recognition skills with a Splash of Summer fun. Get ready to make learning letters a breeze with our engaging **Summer I Have, Who Has?** printable! This resource is designed specifically for pre-k and kindergarten students, helping them develop essential letter recognition skills in a fun and interactive way.

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What’s Included:

* Lower Case Letters:** A set of “I Have, Who Has?” cards featuring red vowels and blue consonants, perfect for introducing or reviewing lowercase letters.
* Upper Case Letters:** A set of “I Have, Who Has?” cards featuring black and white letters, ideal for reinforcing uppercase letter recognition.
* PowerPoint:** An editable PowerPoint file with text boxes, allowing you to customize the colors, font, and objectives to suit your teaching needs.

How it Works:

1. Shuffle the cards and distribute them among the students.
2. Each student says the sentence “I have [letter]” and then passes the card to the student who has that letter.
3. The game continues until a student says “I don’t have it” and the next student in line gets to start again.


* Develops letter recognition skills through interactive gameplay
* Enhances vocabulary and language skills through sentence building
* Encourages social interaction and teamwork
* Perfect for small group or whole-class instruction

Why Choose This Resource:

* Easy to use and adapt to your teaching style
* Colorful and engaging illustrations add a fun touch to the learning experience
* Editable PowerPoint allows for customization to suit your specific teaching needs

Perfect for:

* Pre-K and kindergarten teachers
* Special education teachers
* Homeschoolers
* Parents looking for fun and engaging learning activities

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