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Introduce your preschool-aged students to the joy of creative storytelling and writing with this comprehensive set of 30 nature-themed visual prompts! These engaging and imaginative cards are designed to inspire children to observe, analyze, and tell stories about the natural world.

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* 30 unique cards with close-up images of nature, featuring animals in amusing and unexpected scenarios
* Each card includes a “Draw it,” “Describe it,” and “Tell a Story About It” prompt to encourage creative expression
* Editable text allows you to translate instructions for children into Romance languages
* Perfect for preschool-aged students just learning to put their words on paper or primary and lower elementary-aged students who can already compose sentences


* Develops confidence in creative storytelling and writing
* Encourages observation, analysis, and critical thinking skills
* Fosters imagination and creativity in young students
* Adaptable for diverse learning styles and language proficiency

Target Age Group:

Preschool-aged students (3-5 years old) and primary and lower elementary-aged students (6-9 years old)

Product Type:

Printable PDF file with editable text


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