Nature Themed Phonics Initial Sound Cards


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This Nature Themed Phonics printable is perfect for early childhood educators looking to engage their students in a fun and interactive way. The clear photographic images of natural objects and animals will capture the attention of young learners as they match initial sounds with the 26 nature-themed ABC cards. Included in this printable are 3 mats with the alphabet, student printouts for coloring and handwriting practice, and upper and lower case letter strips for additional practice. The matching cards feature both letters and corresponding vocabulary, making it a great tool for building vocabulary alongside phonics skills. Bring the beauty of nature into your classroom with this engaging and educational resource that is sure to make learning phonics a breeze for your students.


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Here is what’s included:
3 mats with the alphabet
26 nature-themed ABC cards for matching with and without letters and corresponding vocabulary (feature photographs)
student printouts for coloring and practicing handwriting (feature black and white clipart)
(upper and lower case letters) strips for handwriting practice with black and white clipart
26 pages
The printable is suitable for children aged 3-5.

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing engaging and visually appealing resources for phonics and initial sound practice. The nature-themed photographs can help students make real-world connections to the phonics concepts they are learning. Matching the initial sounds of natural objects and animals can make phonics practice more interactive and hands-on.
The alphabet mats and cards provide students with opportunities to practice matching initial sounds with corresponding letters and vocabulary words. This can help reinforce their understanding of letter-sound relationships and build their phonemic awareness skills.
The student printouts for coloring and handwriting practice allow students to engage with the material in a creative way, while also reinforcing letter formation and recognition. The upper and lower case letter strips can support students in practicing their handwriting skills with a nature-themed visual cue.


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