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Join Lisa from Montessorikiwi in a 20-minute video presentation where she helps you differentiate between Cosmic Education and the Great Lessons. She briefly outlines the content covered in the Great Lessons and suggests follow-up themes, topics, and materials. Furthermore, she explains how we can connect the Great Stories to global events and discusses the importance of Inquiry Learning.

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Dive into the world of Montessori elementary education with this informative video presentation on the Great Lessons and Cosmic Education. In this 20-minute session, educational expert Lisa from Montessorikiwi breaks down the key components of Cosmic Education and explores how the Great Lessons cater to the needs of children aged 6-12. Gain a deeper understanding of these foundational concepts and learn how to effectively incorporate them into your classroom. Perfect for educators looking to enhance their Montessori curriculum and create a more holistic learning experience for their students.

After purchasing this product, you will receive a downloadable PDF containing access to a video presentation on the Great Lessons in the Montessori elementary curriculum and Cosmic Education. The video is hosted on Canva, and you can easily view it by clicking the link provided in the PDF. Simply download the PDF after purchase and follow the link to dive into this informative session led by educational expert Lisa from Montessorikiwi. This accessible format allows for convenient viewing and learning at your own pace.

Lisa is a Montessori and Traditionally trained teacher. She has experience teaching children from ages five to thirteen and has taught in Montessori and Traditional environments at regular intervals giving her a knowledge of what is happening in both types of environments. Lisa lives in New Zealand with her family and has a passion for social justice and chocolate.
Find Great Lesson resources created by Lisa on her website: Montessorikiwi

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