Montessori Linear Calendar Warm & Evergreen Regions


📩 Digital download

The printable features watercolor images. Incorporate it into your daily routine. It will be a beautiful wall decoration in your classroom that won’t be destructive for your students.
Display the whole year, one season at a time, or one month.
The full 12-month display is approximately 3.30 meters or 10.8 feet long.


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1) PDF Version with December Update
Introduce your students to the concept of years, months, days, and seasons. Children can explore the passage of time with the help of the linear (years 2023 and 2024) for warm and evergreen regions, areas with very few deciduous trees where the landscape does not change drastically with the arrival of seasons.
2) Editable PowerPoint with No Update (current version is year 2021)
NB – this calendar does not get updated yearly. You need to update it yourself. To get yearly updates, you need to purchase the PDF non-editable version.



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