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This comprehensive Montessori Reading and Writing bundle is designed to help young students develop essential reading and writing skills using the Montessori method. Create tactile letters with our DIY template, introduce the alphabet through interactive activity pages featuring ASL integration, and explore the relationship between sounds and letters with our initial sound cards. The bundle also includes four beautifully designed alphabet books that introduce new words and sounds. Additionally, the Pink, Blue, and Green Language Series focus on vocabulary development, reading, and comprehension, while the Rhyming Cards build phonological awareness and fluency. This bundle is perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents looking to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for their students.

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With a focus on hands-on learning and sensory exploration, this bundle includes:
DIY Textured Letters: Create your own tactile letters using our template, perfect for developing fine motor skills and phonemic awareness.
Alphabet Activity Pages: Engaging pages that introduce the alphabet, featuring ASL (American Sign Language) language integration to promote inclusivity and diversity.
Initial Sound Cards: Introduce your students to the world of phonics with these cards that highlight the relationship between sounds and letters.
Alphabet Books: Four beautifully designed books that take your students on a journey through the alphabet, introducing them to new words and sounds.
Pink, Blue, and Green Language Series: A trio of language series that focus on vocabulary development, reading short, long vowel words, words with graphemess split digraphs , and comprehension.
Rhyming cards series: Build phonological awareness and fluency with our rhyming cards series, featuring a range of word pairs and rhyming words.

Why This Bundle?

Develops phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills
Enhances fine motor skills through tactile letter formation
Builds vocabulary and comprehension skills
Perfect for Montessori classrooms or homeschooling environments
Can be adapted to suit diverse learning needs


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