Crab Life Cycle and Parts of a Crab


This Crab Pack with learning printables is great for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with clear true-to-life images and photographs to create hands-on crab activities for your students or for exploring the Ocean and Invertebrates units in your classroom.

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Children will learn the stages of the Crab life cycle, and parts of a Crab, practice sequencing skills and work to improve their concentration and fine motor skills.
This resource contains a Crab life cycle poster, worksheet, 3-part cards, and parts of a Crab printable.

Crab life cycle poster
Crab life cycle 3 part cards
Crab life cycle coloring, cutting, and pasting worksheet
Crab life cycle tracing strips
Parts of a Crab poster
Parts of a Crab poster minus labels
Parts of a Crab labels
Parts of a Crab tracing & independent writing

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