Gift Guide for 1-Year-Olds – Eco Friendly and Captivating Toys and Materials Your Kid Will Love

Before we begin to imagine what would make a one-year-old child happy, it is best to think of his or her current stage of development and what will help the child reach the next developmental milestone. At this age, children are continuing to adapt to their environment.

Their surroundings stimulate a child’s senses and can make a perfect setup for natural and unhindered growth. One of the best gifts the parents and caregivers can offer a child at the age between 1 and 2 years of age is a safe, uncluttered, open environment where the child can freely and safely exercise his or her natural curiosity and need to move, touch, taste, rock, and through.

Often common household items, non-lectronic toys that are safe and clean provide the child with all these opportunities and set the stage for the harmonious development of the young mind, heart, and body.

Toys crafted from natural materials that have been carefully designed for the child’s stages of intrinsic desires and needs that are natural and age-specific make perfect gifts that will last and can be passed from child to child for years to come.

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Below I am going to share with you gift ideas that will help your child reach those goals and bring joyous moments of discovery and uninterrupted open-ended play.

I will start by introducing Monti Kids Montessori boxes and sets

If you prefer to get those kit items individually, you may like to check your options here.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Level 4 Montessori Box

This box with wooden toys and puzzles is perfect for 11-13.5 months.

This set of materials will encourage the baby to experiment with cause and effect to boost their memory and problem-solving skills.

Those ball trackers are always such a great hit with one-year-olds.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Level 5 Montessori Box

This box with wooden toys and puzzles is perfect for 14-17 months.

This wonderful set will help the child to explore mathematical relationships and will challenge early walkers.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Level 6 Montessori Box

The box with wooden toys and puzzles is perfect for 18-22 months.

These wooden materials will encourage problem-solving and tactile experimentation as the child learns to imagine and execute plans.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Level 7 Montessori Box

The box with toys and puzzles is perfect for 23-28 months.

These materials will help foster your child’s independence and build coordination, strength, and practical life skills through fine and gross motor challenges.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Montessori Cooking Together Kit

The kit will benefit children 18 months +.

Here you will find a complete set of food-safe, developmentally appropriate kitchen tools. These will support cooking experiences that will help the child build a positive relationship with food.

You can also find great cooking sets here.

Photo: Monti kids

Monti Kids Montessori Self-Care Station

The station is suitable for 18 months +.

This self-care station can be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, or entryway to help build independence, self-awareness, and confidence. It is a great setup for the child to dress and care for his or her body.

Kinderfeets Wooden Walker

This toy is best suitable for children who begin to walk without assistance.

Ericoo Animal Toys

Children get fascinated with realistic-looking toys that have many intricate little details for them to explore.

Sereed Baby Balance Bike

Active one-year-olds will enjoy getting extra mobility with help from a balance bike.

Wonder House Books My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids

Maria Montessori identified the sensitive period for language as the longest. It starts before the child is born in the womb and lasts till about six or seven years of age. Board books with clear images and categorised by a theme, will feed the child’s natural curiosity.

Here is a wonderful collection of books for little ones that are perfect for Montessori learning.

Fat Brain Toys Cube with Shapes

These chunky shape blocks with different textures will grasp the child’s attention right away.

Trihorse Ball Tracker

If you have a bit of room, I would recommend checking toys like ball trackers. They capture young children’s attention for long periods of time. My children had used similar toys and absolutely loved them.

Ml. Enjoy Wooden Musical Instruments

I found this set to be especially appealing for introducing to young toddlers. The size and materials seem to be quite right for little hands.

Bamboo bamboo Store Bamboo Suction Bowl + Plate + Cup + 2 Pack Spoons

This set will work as a toy for a little one and will be great weaning set to enjoy solid foods especially if the child is in the process of being weaned off sippy cups.

Creative Kids Store Sensory Pull Along Rainbow Dance Scarves

Have you noticed how much little ones love to play with tissues and pull them out of boxes? Well, they can do it safely with this set and enjoy playing with colorful scarves on their own, with their siblings or caregivers.

Janod Wooden Pastel Bee & Bear Ball Track

Here is another beautiful wooden ball track with a different design.

Constructive Playthings Store Foam Stacking Blocks with Photo Pockets

Each block features a clear vinyl pocket on each side. Customize them with pictures of family, friends, or pets to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Photo: Olivka Wood

Olivka Wood Wooden Knife

Littel ones enjoy imitating grownups. This knife will allow them to practice independence by cutting their soft fruits and other foods.

Photo: Wooden Caterpillar

Wooden Caterpillar Figurine Panda Toy

These wooden toys are made out of ashwood, covered with organic linseed oil, and painted with non-toxic paints. It’s a good size toy animal for little hands and colors will be especially appealing for 1-year-olds.

Photo: Heir Loom Kids

Heir Loom Kids Wooden Color Book

This wooden book will make a beautiful present that lasts. You can get this book in English or request to have it made in a different language.

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