Introduction to Forest School – a Practical Approach to Outdoor Learning (Free Printable)

Would you like to learn practical ways to incorporate the forest learning approach? Would you like your students to reap all the incredible benefits of spending time in nature and learning outdoors?

Allow us to show you how to start implementing principles of learning in the natural environment with an expert and accredited Nature Pedagogue, the founding Director of Natureweavers, an award-winning forest school in Australia.

First, let’s talk about children and nature. We, as humans are born of nature. As much as we appreciate and enjoy all that technological progress brought into our lives, we can’t deny or disregard the power of genetic memory. Our predecessors relied on nature for their very immediate survival long before we found a way to distance our everyday being from that nurturing connection to the natural world. 

Now we owe to our children and ourselves to make a very purposeful shift to reconsider our attitude towards cooperation between nature and humans. We are still pretty much dependent upon it to sustain us in more ways than just physical. Nature also feeds our creative, spiritual, and cognitive areas of being.

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Many nature-based schools and educational centers are now operating all over the world bringing children back into an environment where learning gains a whole different dimension. Children’s mental health is a major underlying foundation that facilitates the child’s academic success and well-being.  

Studies, like those conducted by Aarhus University in Denmark, have concluded that children who spend a significant amount of time in nature may be less likely to develop various psychiatric disorders as adults.​
Here, at Montessori Nature, we try to make our humble contribution towards the goal of getting children outside and applying tools that help children get deeply rooted in the understanding of life through nature’s prism. 

Accidentally, did you read news about recent discoveries made in Amazon forests? According to the study titled “The legacy of 4,500 years of polyculture agroforestry in the eastern Amazon” published in 2018, humans that inhabited this land 4500 years ago were planting edible plants, enriching land biological diversity, and deliberately working to improve soil content through the use of fire and other ancient techniques. They were implementing methods that we call now “forest gardening”. That discovery explains the incredible abundance of editable plants now found in the forests of the Amazon region.

I found this information absolutely fascinating, something we can present to children when talking about the fundamental needs of humans.

Now, how can we connect children to that mindset that plants those seeds of sustainable living, deeper knowledge, and appreciation of the land they live in?

On our website, you can have an opportunity to learn about the Forest Learning approach – a presentation by Carly Garner. Carly is not only an amazing teacher guide into the natural world, but she also has a very deep appreciation of the connection between First Nations peoples and their land. She does an amazing job conveying that message of respect to her students.

If you are looking for guidance and would like to hear from a nature pedagogy veteran, you have an opportunity to do so at a very affordable price. 

I would like to offer you to check out Carly Garner’s seminar which we prerecorded for you to watch at your convenience. 

You can download Carly’s Forest School Daily Rhythm free PDF description from the resource library.

A little bit about Carly. Carly is an expert and accredited Nature Pedagogue, and the founding Director of Natureweavers, an award-winning forest school in Australia.

I met Carly when I was looking to enroll my daughter in a local forest school a few years back. Her ability to connect with every single child and spark love in those little hearts toward the earth was almost supernatural.

Carly’s professional approach goes hand in hand with her passion for the earth, education, and children. It provides a perfect combination to inspire others to embrace outdoor learning. It is strongly aligned with Montessori ideals. Carly’s approach to environmental education is also unique.

Carly is a busy lady. Aside from running her weekly program, and organizing holiday workshops, she is frequently invited to hold professional development events for early childhood educators. It is not surprising that local Montessori schools and centers are among her number one clients.

Introduction to Forest Learning online seminar is for teachers, caregivers, and parents who would like to understand the ins and outs of the art of outdoor learning from the person who lives and breathes it. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this introductory seminar is there to inspire you to embrace outdoor learning with your children.

Here is what Introduction to Forest Learning is all about:

  • Foundational concepts of outdoor learning
  • How to implement elements of this unique approach in your classroom at school, childcare, kindy, or at home
  • How to incorporate teaching techniques that surround Forest Learning concepts into your daily program
  • The importance of outdoor learning and where it stands in relation to the academic foundations
  • Key elements of the outdoor environment
  • Examples of Forest Learning lessons that are age-appropriate
  • How to observe children in nature

You can also request to receive a certificate of attendance that may qualify you for one hour of professional development.

Along with the presentation and Carly’s daily rhythm, you will get my Animals of the Seven Continents – Nomenclature and Information Cards valued at $45! It took me 5 months to complete this bundle.

This is a fabulous product! My students love learning the facts. Thank you so much for your hard work and making it affordable”. ~ Sharon B.

I have a strong personal connection and the reason behind my passion to see children learn through the Forest School approach. From the age of 10 to 13, I was attending a school located 15 km from our town in the midst of the wild forest. And today as an adult I nurture and treasure those memories as later on in life one gets so preoccupied, we simply might not get those chances again. Childhood is a perfect time to emerge into the natural environment and soak in every benefit of it.

Here is what those who already have watched the presentation have to share:

“Carly Garner provided viewers with motivation to start forest programs from where they are. She provided a very laid back, conversational presentation which just helps viewers relax and take in what her message is! “
– Teresa

“Very interesting presentation, helping childcare workers to see the wealth of opportunities and equipment that we have on our doorstep in our woods, beaches, etc. I have many ideas buzzing around my head now to try out over the Summer holidays.”
– Angela

Enrollments are closed.

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