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Autumn is such a wonderful season, and the best one to observe nature’s transformation. The days grow colder and darker, the animals gather food and prepare for winter, and the amazing leaves change color, from their usual green to the enchanting red, yellow or rusty.
But did you know that there are two types of trees? The trees that lose their leave are called “deciduous” trees (shedding leaves helps trees conserve energy and water during winter) and the ones that don’t, are called “evergreen”.

For the past few weeks, we have been studying the natural world, and we have tried to spend as much time as possible exploring and discovering what nature has to offer. We have seen so much beauty, that left us in awe.

And because we are studying mostly outside, I was looking for some printable or cards to take with us and the leaf shapes printable from Montessori Nature, not only that it helped us recognize some
of the trees, but we have also found so much geometry in nature, and what a perfect combination it is.

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We all got to learn all the types of leaves too and we all enjoyed the information offered in the printable pack. And I absolutely love the description cards, as they offer interesting facts and enough information not to overwhelm.

Did you know that the heart-shaped leaf is called an obcordate? Or that the reniform leaf is shaped like a kidney?
The printable contains 3-part card activity and handwriting sheets, features photographs and clipart, and working mats with descriptions.

One of the days we even did a treasure hunt based on the printable, and the children absolutely loved looking for all the leaves on the cards.
With the leaves gathered we did a few activities, such as leaf carousel, bookmarks, and a lot of them ended up being used in our creative plays.

I love the fact that these printable can be used in so many ways, and they are such amazing help in our home-school journey.
Because nature is the best teacher we can have, we will continue to explore and discover, and let ourselves be immersed in its beauty.
“Maple leaves envied by us all, turning to such loveliness- red leaves that fall.” ~ Shiko ( Japanese poet, 1664-1731)

About the Author:

As a child, I loved the trips I used to take with my father on the mountains, exploring the woods and fall in love with the natural world.
As an adult, I continued the journey, which took me halfway across the world, survived a plane crash and learned how to meditate in a Buddhist temple.
But in my journey, I have found myself, and the true essence of life.
As a mother, I wanted to share the love for nature with my children, and teach them values. Raise them to be good people, good friends, good neighbors, but most importantly, good husbands and fathers. To be free, and happy.
Our everyday life is a wonderful adventure, with good and bad, but we learn to embrace it all and learn from it. We read, we laugh, we create and explore without limits.
This is how “Our world of wonder” page began, from the desire of sharing our homeschool journey, hoping that our lessons and materials will inspire others as well. To promote the love for nature, and to share our desire of protecting it.
And to create a community where people can share kindness and support. A community where we share ideas and the love for art, music, and raising our children in a gentle way.

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