Place Value Mats, Task Cards, and Tracing Worksheets – Free Math Printable

Understanding place value is a fundamental skill that lays an important foundation for so many mathematical concepts. With place value, children learn to comprehend the number system and the magnitude of numbers.

This math printable includes place value mats for two, three, and four-digit numbers; task cards with tens, hundreds, and thousands, and three types of worksheet printouts for children to trace and copy units, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Here is what’s included:

  • 4 place value mats for building two, three, and four-digit numbers
  • 54 task cards with two, three, and four-digit numbers
  • My book of units worksheets
  • My book of tens worksheets
  • My book of hundreds worksheets
  • My book of thousands worksheets
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Age: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Subjects and uses in the classroom: Math Centers, Extension work for the Decimal System materials – Golden Beads or Stamp Game.

How to Use:

There are two types of two-digit number mats included:

  1. Two-digit number mat that presents the following challenges for the child: pick a task card, copy the number, build it and color the corresponding number of ten bars and unit beads.
  2. Two-digit number mat with the tasks to pick a number card, write it down, and build it.

Three and four-digit mats are similar with the corresponding labeled spaces for children to place their decimal system materials.

There are 18 cards for each set of number combinations. Before you print, decide whether you would like for the child to work with all three mats or just practice building and writing 2,3, or 4-digit numbers.

Print mats or cardstock and laminate. Print task cards on cardstock, cut, and laminate if necessary. Print student booklets for a follow-up activity.

Gather your materials: decimal system tools (such as golden beads or a different place value hands-on set), erasable markers of the corresponding colors, a dry-erase eraser, a writing pencil, eraser, and a stapler. Please note you might also like to have a small cup or tiny bowl for the child to place in units or golden beads.

Invite the child to:

  • pick a task card,
  • tell you the number on the card,
  • copy the number
  • gather place value materials of the same value and place them on the mat
  • remove the materials and erase the number
  • repeat with another task card

Once the child has competence and closure, invite them to cut booklet pages, trace and copy numbers, and staple pages. You may like to use student booklets as a separate activity and invite the child to gather decimal system materials for each number after tracing and copying it.


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