Addition and Subtraction Cards – Single Digits – Free Math Printables

I hope you find these addition and subtraction cards with single digits helpful in your classroom. One-digit numbers for sums to twenty and subtraction operations present the corresponding color of units (green) in the decimal system

Feel free to adjust the printing setting according to your classroom needs and print with the black-and-white color setting. Laminate or print on cardstock and cut addition cards. The cards would complement well children’s work with the Number Rods or color bead bars.

Here is what’s included in the Addition EQUATIONS Printable:

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  • Operation cards x 90
  • Key cards x 90
  • Worksheet x 1
  • Addition chart x 1

Here is what’s included in the SUBTRACTION EQUATIONS Printable:

  • Operation cards x 209
  • Key cards x 209
  • Worksheet x 1

I recommend these hands-on math tools and resources that would spark a love of math even in the most reluctant students. 

Addition Cards
Subtraction Cards
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