Geoboard Task Cards Free Math Summer Printable

Geoboard or pegboard task cards for making shapes and patterns by attaching rubber bands. Geoboard is a great math manipulative that helps children develop finger strength, and gain a basic understanding of shapes and their properties. There are nine A4 task cards with summer-themed patterns included in the download. Each card also comes with adjective + noun collocations for tracing. These cards feature a 5×5 peg geoboard.

About Teaching Shapes to Children

Montessori classrooms often engage in shape activities for young learners to help improve their visual perception and spatial awareness skills. Teachers may utilize materials such as geometric shapes, pattern blocks, and puzzles to teach children about shapes and how they fit together to form more complex structures.

Classrooms may also incorporate movement activities like shape scavenger hunts or creating shapes with their bodies to encourage hands-on learning and creativity. These activities can help children develop important foundational skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, while also promoting a love of learning and exploration.

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About Geoboard Activities

Geoboards are a fantastic tool for kids to learn about geometric shapes and concepts. These boards come with pegs and rubber bands that allow kids to create various shapes and designs. There are many activities that kids can do with geoboards such as creating patterns, building shapes, working on symmetry, and practicing measurement skills.

Children can also use geoboards to discover fractions, explore symmetry, and practice spatial reasoning skills. These activities not only help children understand geometry, but they also enhance their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Fine motor math shapes geoboard activities are great for kids in Montessori classrooms. These activities help children develop fine motor skills while learning about shapes and mathematical concepts. Kids can use geoboards to create shapes like squares, triangles, and circles, and then count the number of sides and angles.

They can also learn about symmetry by exploring how many different shapes can be made by reflecting on their designs. By incorporating geoboard activities into their classroom, Montessori teachers can foster children’s love of learning and help them develop important academic and social-emotional skills.

Age: Preschool ages 3-6 years and lower elementary ages 6-9 years.

Subjects and uses in the classroom: Math, Geometry, Math Centers 

How to Use:

There are many ways to make a DIY version of a geoboard. It is a great mathematic tool for learning about shapes. Print in color or grayscale one card per sheet or choose ‘Multiple’ and print two cards per sheet for the smaller size cards. Invite the students to replicate task card designs and build two-dimensional shapes on geoboards.

Check correct printing settings:
in grayscale or color
Print full size or choose ‘Page sizing and handling’ > Multiple and print 2 pages per sheet.
Gather a 5 x 5 geoboard, pencil, and rubber bands. You can make one using push pins and a corkboard.


Demonstrate tracing and making shapes using rubber bands.

Invite the child to:

  • choose a card
  • trace adjective + noun collocation
  • make shapes
  • count the number of shapes included in the design.
Summer Math Geoboard task cards montessori nature free printable fine motor shapes
Autumn geoboard task cards montessori nature free printable math fine motor preschool

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