Fun and Meaningful Advent Calendar With Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Children – Free Printables

Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to count down to Christmas with your preschool or kindergarten children? You might like to check out this advent calendar with activities! This calendar not only helps children anticipate the arrival of Christmas but also encourages them to engage in various educational and enjoyable activities each day. This advent calendar is sure to make the holiday season even more special for your little ones. And the best part? The printable is available for free!

Have fun and create cheerful memories this December with our Christmas Advent Calendar. Enjoy baking, crafting, singing, dancing, and making the most out of the Christmas season – this jolly and most wonderful time of the year.

This year I decided to put together an advent for our family as our children are old enough to engage in the process. And I hope that my sanity won’t be under a huge strain with flour and glitter flying all around across the kitchen.

I am going to share with you my list of hands-on and fun activities I included to count down to Christmas day.

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When I was creating this list I was thinking of activities and advent celebrations that are fun, meaningful, that foster connection, that are practical, and that nurture the spirit of Christmas.

Here is my Christmas Advent Calendar activity list.

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree.

2. Take family Christmas photos using fun props. Here are our printables you can use to create all sorts of fun props. All you need is sticky tape and kebab skewers.

3. Make Christmas cards for family and friends. Once finished, children head to the post office to post them via snail mail.

4. Make a wreath using natural loose parts.

5. Make Christmas tree ornaments.

6. Bake cupcakes.

7. Make a Christmas candle holder.

8. Christmas window painting with finger paints.

9. Make a Christmas glass snow globe. I found this video below especially helpful.

10. Draw frozen window designs. Since we don’t have snow, we are going to spread shaving cream on a pan, add blue food coloring and decorate with plastic snowflakes. Children will be using sticks to draw their designs.

11. Watch Nutcracker ballet.

12. Make a sensory bottle.

13. Sew a snowman.

14. Carolling – sing together Christmas carols by candlelight.

15. Christmas family disco.

16. Read a Christmas book by candlelight.

17. Play Christmas charades via Zoom with family overseas.

18. Read about the First Christmas.

19. Make the first Christmas diorama.

20. Bake cookies.

21. Bake cookies for neighbors.

22. Make Christmas popcorn garland.

23. Read a Christmas book by candlelight.

24. Cook hot chocolate.


I love the idea of mounting the advent onto a corkboard. Hammer small nails – one for each day. Find a small Christmas ornament to hang and count the days till Christmas. We twisted green, yellow, and red pipe cleaners to make a small wreath to track the days.

Join and download our free Christmas Advent Calendar printables.


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