Double Letters ‘CH’ Digraph Student Activity Page Phonics Free Language Printable

This double letters сh student activity page phonics learning printable is great for preschool children. Use this language resource to create hands-on learning-to-read activities for your students and ch phonogram activities.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds, or phonemes, in spoken language. This skill involves recognizing the sounds that makeup words, such as syllables, onset and rhyme, and phoneme segmentation. Developing phonological awareness is an important precursor to reading because it helps children understand the relationship between letters and sounds.

Children who struggle with phonological awareness may have difficulty recognizing words and decoding text, which can impact their overall reading abilities. Phonological awareness instruction often involves activities that encourage children to identify and manipulate sounds in words, such as rhyming games, sound blending and segmenting activities, and word manipulation tasks.

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Phonological awareness is crucial for kids as it is the foundation for learning how to read and write. When children develop phonological awareness, they are able to identify and manipulate sounds in spoken language. This skill helps them decode words and make sense of text. Phonological awareness also helps children with their spelling as they learn to understand the relationship between sounds and written letters.

Furthermore, phonological awareness is linked to oral communication and language development. Therefore, by developing phonological awareness, children set themselves up for success in school and beyond.

The Montessori Sandpaper Letters are a set of tactile learning tools designed to help children learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet and develop philological awareness. Each letter is cut out of sandpaper and mounted onto a hardwood board. Children trace the letters with their fingers, feeling the sandpaper texture and learning the shape and sound of each letter.

This approach is highly effective for kinesthetic learners and helps children associate the sound of each letter with its written form. With the Sandpaper Letters, children can take an active role in their learning and gain a strong foundation in early literacy skills. Double Sandpaper Letters in Montessori are a set of tactile materials that help children learn the phonograms and phonemes of languages.

A digraph is a pair of two characters that represent a single sound in a language. This character combination is used because it is more efficient and easier to read than using two separate characters. Examples of common digraphs in English include “th,” “sh,” and “ch,” each of which represents a specific sound that is different from the individual sounds represented by the constituent characters. Digraphs can be used in both spoken and written language and are common in many different languages around the world.

Double Letters CH Digraph Student Activity Page Phonics Free Language Printable

Present these materials to assist children in recognizing and using digraphs in words, including sandpaper letter activities, moveable alphabets, and word-building exercises. By learning digraphs through this method, children develop their reading and writing skills, as well as their ability to identify and articulate sounds in words.

Age: Preschool ages 2.5 – 5 years

Subjects and uses in the classroom: Phonics, Digraphs, Double Sandpaper Letters Extensions, Language Centers, Fine motor, Prereading

How to use this resource

This activity page contains many fun, quick, and engaging hands-on exercises. Children are prompted to practice letter formation, identify words that begin with the digraph, color, trace, and identify the digraph. The poster also has a visual demonstration of the pronunciation. The complementary sheet also contains images and labels for additional matching work and cutting exercise strips with the digraph ch.

Print on cardstock and laminate if you wish to reuse it, or print a black and white version for each student to complete. Gather pencils, crayons, pegs or counters, scissors, play dough, or some loose parts for children to build the digraph ch.

Present the phonogram and invite the child to say the sound correctly following the prompt, trace or build the digraph, color, match the picture to the picture and the word to the word, trace it, clip pegs onto correct boxes, and practice cutting.

Double Letters CH Digraph Student Activity Page Phonics Free Language Printables Montessori Nature

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