Silent E Learning to Read Cards – Free Phonics Printable

You are invited to download the phonics reading cards with silent ‘e’ – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with a clear clipart to create hands-on phonics activities for your students. Children will practice reading words included in the green series of the Montessori language series.

Browse the resource before you print to decide which pages suit your classroom needs best.
Print, cut, and laminate. Do not laminate coloring worksheets.

Sorting activity

Picture cards or labeled picture cards
Lay blend cards in a row.
Name all pictures.
Invite the child to sort cards into all the categories.

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Matching and reading exercise

Gather picture cards and label cards (without images)
Name all picture cards.
Lay them in a column.
Invite the child to read label cards and find the matching picture cards.

Blackline cards

Invite the child to color and cut blackline images and paste them into the correct blend category.

Tracing and writing exercise

Invite the child to color pictures, trace, and copy the corresponding words. You might like to cut them up and match the word to the picture.

Are you looking for fun and hands-on ways to teach reading and writing? I highly recommend checking those language resources that will make this process of acquiring those essential skills so much more engaging and satisfying for both children and educators.

silent e lreaning to read

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