DIY Winter Puzzles and Art Activities – Painting “Maslenitsa” by Boris Kustodiev – Free Printable

As winter comes to an end and spring begins to bloom, it’s the perfect time to engage preschool children in creative activities that celebrate the changing seasons. In this post, we are excited to share a collection of free printable DIY puzzles and coloring pages featuring end of winter-themed paintings that are sure to delight and inspire young minds. Whether your little ones enjoy solving puzzles or letting their imaginations run wild with colors, these activities are a fun and educational way to engage their creativity and fine motor skills. So grab some crayons, markers, and scissors, and let the artistic fun begin!

Download this free printable to make fun winter-themed puzzles for your preschool students that foster problem-solving skills and promote deeper concentration. These art activities also come with coloring pages. These are great for encouraging children to work on their fine motor movements and creativity.

For the last couple of weeks, my young preschooler has been enjoying working with art puzzles I cut up for her. Observing the intense concentration on her little face and the satisfaction of completing each puzzle inspired me to create this set of printables.

In the future, I plan to extend further these with different types of paintings of famous artists.

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Today I invite you to download DIY winter art puzzles. One painting that captures the vibrant spirit of Russian culture and tradition is “Maslenitsa” by Boris Kustodiev, created in 1919. This colorful and lively masterpiece depicts the festive celebration of Maslenitsa, a folk holiday marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. With its depiction of people dancing, feasting, and enjoying the festivities, this painting is a wonderful introduction to Russian culture and traditions for kids. Through DIY puzzles and coloring pages inspired by Kustodiev’s “Maslenitsa,” children can not only have fun but also learn about the rich cultural heritage of Russia in a playful and interactive way. Let’s dive into the world of “Maslenitsa” and explore the joy and beauty of this beloved holiday through art!

Maslenitsa is one of the oldest celebrations in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. It is also known as Pancake Week.

Maslenitsa, also known as Pancake Week or Butter Week, is indeed one of the oldest and most beloved celebrations in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. It has pagan origins and is a pre-Christian Slavic tradition that dates back to ancient times.

Maslenitsa is celebrated during the last week before the beginning of Lent in the Eastern Orthodox Church, leading up to the Great Lenten fast before Easter. It is a time of feasting, merrymaking, and saying farewell to winter and welcoming spring.

The traditions of Maslenitsa vary slightly in each country, but generally, it involves eating plenty of pancakes, participating in outdoor activities, and burning a straw effigy or “Lady Maslenitsa” on the last day of the celebration. This is a symbolic act of saying goodbye to winter and welcoming the arrival of spring.

Family and friends come together to enjoy delicious food, play games, and partake in traditional folk customs during Maslenitsa. It is a time for bonding, forgiveness, and community spirit as people come together to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Maslenitsa holds a special place in the hearts of Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians as a time-honored tradition that brings people together in the spirit of love, unity, and the anticipation of the coming spring.

It is also known as the Sunday of Forgiveness. It’s a day for asking forgiveness for the harm caused to other people intentionally or unintentionally.

The Sunday of Forgiveness, also known as Forgiveness Sunday or Cheesefare Sunday, is an important observance in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition that takes place on the last Sunday before the beginning of Great Lent. This day holds significant importance as it marks the start of the Lenten season, a time of repentance, fasting, and spiritual reflection.

For children, the Sunday of Forgiveness is a day to learn about the value of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is an opportunity to reflect on their actions and behavior towards others and to ask for forgiveness for any harm they may have caused, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Children are encouraged to seek forgiveness from their family members, friends, classmates, teachers, and anyone else they may have wronged in the past.

Participating in this tradition helps children develop empathy, compassion, and the ability to take responsibility for their actions. It also teaches them the importance of forgiveness and the healing power it can bring to relationships and communities. By seeking forgiveness and offering it to others, children can start the Lenten season with a clean heart and a renewed sense of purpose.

The Sunday of Forgiveness is a meaningful and transformative day for children as they embrace the values of humility, love, and reconciliation. It is an opportunity for them to cultivate a spirit of forgiveness and compassion that will guide them through the Lenten journey and beyond.

Here is what’s included

  • Labeled poster – artwork “Maslenitsa” by Boris Kustodiev
  • Labeled poster for tracing
  • Painting poster
  • Information cards
  • 3 types of puzzle cutouts
  • Painting prompt with painting fragment
  • Black and white painting
  • Coloring page

I included 3 different types of puzzles and a painting poster you can print and cut up in any way you like. These puzzles can be a great addition to your art activities, Winter Unit, and when exploring the European continent with your students.

I also worked in collaboration with a digital artist to bring you this exclusive coloring page that was made to complement the puzzle.

One of the art activities contains a printout with painting fragments to inspire children to complete the picture while they deep into their creativity.

Your young storytellers will enjoy working with a storytelling worksheet where they are prompted to write/dictate their story inspired by the painting.

How You Can Use This Printable To Teach Your Students

After cutting up the puzzle pieces, set them up on a tray, and remember to include a poster with a painting as a reference for when they will be working to complete the puzzle.

You might like to mount the puzzle sheet onto thick cardboard prior to cutting it up to make it more convenient for little fingers to work on. Use a cutter to cut them up.

I hope these puzzles will be a welcomed activity in your classroom!

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DIY Winter Art Puzzles and Activity Maslenitsa Montessori Nature Free Printable
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