Wild Animal Families Puzzles And Cards – Free Printable

Welcome to our blog, where we are thrilled to share with you a delightful printable with Wild Animal Families Puzzles and Cards designed specifically for early-learning students. In the spirit of encouraging hands-on learning and fostering a love for wildlife, these free printables are not only entertaining but also seamlessly integrated with the Montessori curriculum. With puzzles and educational cards featuring fascinating animal families, these materials offer a fantastic opportunity for young learners to develop cognitive skills, expand their knowledge of the natural world, and ignite their curiosity.

Wild Animal Families is a fantastic topic for preschool students as it introduces them to various species of animals and helps them understand the concept of family and social bonds in the animal kingdom. Here are some key points to cover when teaching about wild animal families:

What is a Family:

Start by explaining to the students that families exist not only in humans but also in the animal world. Describe the basic definition of a family as a group of related individuals living together and taking care of each other.

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Types of Wild Animal Families:

Introduce the concept that different animal species have different types of family structures. For example, some animals live in groups called herds or packs, while others have smaller family units called litter or cubs.

Animal Parents and Offspring:

Show pictures and discuss various animal parents and their offspring. Talk about how animals take care of their babies, including providing food, and protection, and teaching them important skills. Highlight examples such as elephants, lions, wolves, and penguins.

Animal Siblings:

Explain to the students that just like in human families, animal families can have more than one baby, resulting in siblings. Discuss how siblings learn and play together, teaching each other important social and survival skills.

Animal Homes:

Discuss where different animal families live, such as nests, burrows, dens, or even underwater habitats. Focus on the importance of these homes in providing safety and shelter for the family.

Animal Communication:

Teach the students about how animals communicate within their families. Show videos or pictures of animal parents and offspring communicating through vocalizations, body language, or scent marking.


Highlight the unique adaptations of different animal families that help them survive in their specific environments. For instance, discuss how thick fur protects bear families in cold climates, or how kangaroos carry their offspring in their pouches.

Interactions Among Families:

Describe how different animal families interact with each other, such as competing for food or territory. Explain that while some animals form alliances and cooperate, others may compete.


Talk about the importance of protecting wild animal families and their habitats. Teach the students about conservation efforts and how they can contribute at a young age, such as recycling and not littering.

Hands-On Activities:

Engage the students in hands-on activities such as creating animal family crafts, matching animal parents with their babies.

Remember to keep the lessons age-appropriate and interactive by incorporating storytelling, pictures, videos, and props. Encourage students to ask questions and explore their curiosity about wild animal families.

Free printable

You are invited to download the puzzles and cards with wild animal families – learning printables for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with photographs to create hands-on spring, summer, and fall-themed activities for your students. This resource will be useful if you plan to explore the animal kingdom in your Montessori and early childhood classroom.

Use this printable to help children learn the correct terminology of the families in the animal kingdom. This printable is made in the form of 10 puzzles. The purpose behind it is to allow children to self-correct their work as they match members of each family.

This printable also includes a set with cards instead of puzzles that can be used for sorting into categories – females, males, and young.


  • 10 x puzzles featuring wild animal families
  • 10 x card sets featuring wild animal families

Each card set contains 4 cards that present an animal, male, female, and young of ten animals such as a bear, alligator, fox, wombat, deer, owl, hummingbird, dolphin, lion, and eagle.

Wild Animal Families Puzzles cards Montessori Nature Free Printable

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