The Nutcracker Matching Fine Motor With Pegs Free Christmas Printable

Are you looking for a fun and educational Christmas activity for your preschool students? Our Nutcracker Matching Fine Motor With Pegs Free Printable is the perfect way to engage young learners while also developing their fine motor skills. This activity involves matching colorful nutcracker pictures using pegs, which not only encourages cognitive development but also enhances hand-eye coordination. Simply print out the free printable, gather some pegs, and let the Christmas-themed learning begin!

The Nutcracker is one of the most beloved holiday ballets and has become a cultural phenomenon worldwide. It tells the story of a young girl named Clara who receives a Nutcracker doll as a Christmas gift from her mysterious godfather, Drosselmeyer. During the night, Clara embarks on a magical journey where her Nutcracker comes to life and leads an army of toy soldiers in a battle against the evil Mouse King and his army of mice.

After the battle, Clara and the Nutcracker Prince travel to the Land of Sweets, ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy. They are greeted by various inhabitants of the kingdom, including dancing snowflakes, flowers, and sweets from different countries. The ballet showcases dazzling dances such as the Waltz of the Snowflakes, the Spanish Chocolate, Arabian Coffee, Chinese Tea, and the famous Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Tchaikovsky’s enchanting score is one of the most recognizable and iconic in classical music. It captures the whimsical and magical atmosphere of the ballet, as well as the different characters and settings. The Nutcracker has since become synonymous with the holiday season, and its music is frequently heard during Christmas time.

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The original choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov is still widely performed today, although many productions incorporate their own variations and interpretations. The ballet has been adapted and reimagined numerous times over the years, with different interpretations of the story and choreography.

“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” the source material for the ballet, was written by German author E.T.A. Hoffmann. The story was later adapted into a libretto by Petipa, which Tchaikovsky used as the basis for his composition. The Nutcracker has captivated audiences of all ages and has become a staple of holiday traditions around the world.

nutcracker themed hands-on activities for children

Nutcracker craft:

Provide students with materials such as paper plates, popsicle sticks, paint, and googly eyes to create their own nutcracker mask. They can decorate it with different patterns and colors inspired by the characters in the ballet.

Dance party:

Have a dance session where students can learn and perform simple ballet moves from the Nutcracker. Play the music from the ballet and encourage them to mimic the elegant movements of the characters.

Musical painting:

Set up a painting station with large white sheets or canvases, brushes, and watercolors. Play different sections of the Nutcracker music and ask students to paint what they hear. They can use colors and brush strokes to represent the emotions and rhythms of the music.

Storytelling with art:

Divide students into groups and assign them different scenes from the Nutcracker story. Provide art supplies such as markers, colored pencils, and construction paper. Ask each group to create a visual representation of their scene and present it to the class, explaining how it connects to the overall story.

Nutcracker collage:

Give students magazines, scissors, and glue sticks to create a collage representing their favorite parts or characters from the Nutcracker ballet. They can cut out images and words related to the ballet and arrange them on a large poster board.

Make your own music box:

Provide students with small empty shoeboxes, construction paper, colored markers, and small trinkets or figurines related to the Nutcracker ballet. Ask them to decorate the box and create a scene inside that represents a specific moment in the ballet. They can also attach a small hand-cranked music box mechanism to play a snippet of the Nutcracker music while opening the box.

Tutu creation:

Set up a station with various materials such as tulle, ribbons, beads, and elastic bands. Instruct students on how to make a simple tutu by tying the tulle strips onto an elastic band. They can customize their tutus by adding ribbons and beads.

Nutcracker paper dolls:

Provide students with printable paper doll templates related to the Nutcracker ballet. They can color and cut out the characters and use them to recreate scenes from the ballet or invent their own stories.

Nutcracker-inspired body percussion:

Teach students basic body percussion techniques like clapping, stomping, and snapping. Explain how these sounds can be used to create rhythms. Play different sections of the Nutcracker music and encourage students to create their own body percussion sequences to accompany the music.

Free Nutcracker printable

You are invited to download a new Christmas printable for young students and preschool children aged 3 – 5. This Nutcracker Ballet-themed resource contains watercolor-style images for matching work.


  • clip on card x 1
  • the Nutcracker round cards x 8
  • poster x 1
  • tracing and coloring strips

The printable contains a round student activity page clip-on card, two sets of matching cards, tracing worksheets, and a master poster with labels.

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Every classroom has children who can benefit from activities that support fine motor development and help them improve their hand-eye coordination. This activity will assist your young students in strengthening their finger muscles.

Print the pages on cardstock. Gather pegs and a glue gun. Cut round cards (color or black and white) and mount them on the edge of the pegs using a glue gun.

Name all the objects presented and invite the children to clip the objects on the matching image.

Tracing worksheets – print on cardstock and laminate. Supply an erasable pen. Invite the child to trace the words and color corresponding images. Alternatively, print pages on regular printing paper and invite the child to trace corresponding words. You might also like to cut words and images and invite the child to match the correct pairs.

The Nutcracker ballet match up with pegs fine motor montessori nature free printable

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