Get Ready for Some Farm Fun with Our Free Printable Preschool Math Coordinates Activity!

Are you ready to add some fun to your preschooler’s math lessons? Our farm-themed preschool math coordinates activity is just what you need! This free printable activity will not only help your little ones develop their math skills, but will also keep them engaged and entertained. Get ready to join our friendly farm animals as you explore coordinates and graphing in a fun and exciting way. With easy-to-follow instructions and cute graphics, this activity is a must-try for any preschooler. So grab scissors and get ready for some farm fun!

fun farm-themed hands-on Montessori Inspired activities for preschool Children

Animal sorting – Collect a variety of farm animals and ask children to sort them by types such as farm animals, pets, and wild animals.

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Farm animal matching – Make picture cards of farm animals and corresponding sound cards. Ask children to match each animal with its sound.

Sensory bin – Fill a bin with various items found on a farm such as hay, corn kernels, and animal figurines. Encourage children to explore and play with the materials.

Seed planting – Provide children with small pots, soil, and seeds. Let them plant different types of seeds and observe the growth process.

Chicken life cycle – Use picture cards or figurines to teach children about the life cycle of a chicken. Discuss the stages from the egg to the chick.

Farm equipment puzzle – Create a puzzle using pictures of common farm equipment such as tractors, plows, and seed drills.

Milk the cow – Use a toy cow and a small bucket to demonstrate how milk is obtained from a cow. Encourage children to try milking the cow.

Vegetable sorting – Collect a variety of vegetables that can be grown on a farm and ask children to sort them by color, shape, or type.

Hay bale stacking – Create a small haystack using miniature bales of hay and ask children to stack them in a certain order or pattern.

Farmer’s market role-play – Set up a farmer’s market with fake fruits and vegetables, baskets, and scales. Let children take turns playing the role of the farmer and customer, exchanging money and goods.

Egg carton counting – Use an egg carton to help children learn how to count. Have them place a certain number of small objects such as beans or pom poms into each section of the egg carton.

Horse grooming – Use a horse figurine or stuffed animal and provide children with a brush and comb. Show them how to groom the horse and let them practice.

Piggy bank DIY – Help children make their own piggy banks using materials such as paper mache or empty milk cartons. Encourage them to decorate their piggy banks with farm-themed items such as barns or animals.

Chicken math – Use plastic eggs to teach basic math skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction.

Corn sensory bin – Fill a bin with dried corn kernels and provide small shovels, cups, and other tools for children to explore and play with.

Fruit and vegetable stamping – Cut fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes in half and use them as stamps to create art. Encourage children to experiment with different patterns and colors.

Farm animal parade – Use animal figurines or drawings to create a parade. Encourage children to march around and make animal noises.

Harvest sensory bin – Fill a bin with different types of seeds, leaves, and fruits. Encourage children to use their senses to explore the textures and smells of the items.

Tractor obstacle course – Use large cardboard boxes to create a farm-themed obstacle course for toy tractors. Children can drive their tractors through tunnels and over ramps to complete the course.

Printable preparation and instructions

This free printable preschool math coordinates activity is a great way to introduce young learners to the world of farming while developing their math skills. The fun and interactive nature of this activity can help foster a love for learning and motivate children to explore more about the world around them. By providing children with engaging resources like this, we can help them develop a strong foundation for future success in school and beyond. Get your farm-loving little ones ready for some exciting math fun with this free printable activity today!

Here is how this activity may foster children’s learning:

Developing spatial reasoning skills: Coordinates require children to understand and visualize the position of objects in space. This helps to develop their spatial reasoning skills and enhance their ability to understand and use maps, charts, and graphs.

Learning mathematical concepts: Coordinates involve the use of numbers, which helps children to learn and understand mathematical concepts such as counting, ordering, and sequencing.

Encouraging problem-solving skills: The use of coordinates in printable activities requires children to solve problems and figure out how to navigate from one point to another. This helps to develop their problem-solving skills which are important for later academic success.

Improving concentration and focus: Completing a printable activity that involves coordinates requires children to pay attention and concentrate, which can improve their focus and concentration skills.

Building confidence: Successfully completing a printable activity can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence, which can help them to feel more confident in their ability to learn and solve problems.

Cutting skills: Cutting along the lines requires a high level of control and dexterity of the hands and fingers, leading to the development of fine motor skills. The activity helps in the improvement of hand-eye coordination, which is necessary for everyday tasks such as writing, drawing, and even playing sports.

The use of coordinates printable activities for preschool children can provide a range of important benefits that can help to support their learning and development in a fun and engaging way.


  • Print on cardstock and laminate if necessary.
  • Introduce farm-themed vocabulary featured in the printable to the child.
  • Gather the child’s scissors and invite the child to cut pictures.
  • Demonstrate how to locate each picture on the coordinates table and paste it onto the work mat with coordinates.
  • Alternatively, cut pictures, attach clear velcro, and invite the child to paste the pictures into the correct boxes.
On the farm coordinates free math printable montessori nature

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