Physical And Chemical Changes Pairing Fine Motor With Pegs Free Printable

Physical and chemical changes are fundamental concepts in science that can be introduced to Montessori preschool students in an engaging and hands-on way. Pairing fine motor skills with pegs is an effective and interactive method to teach these concepts. By providing a free printable activity that requires children to manipulate pegs to demonstrate different physical and chemical changes, students can develop their fine motor skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of these scientific processes. This approach encourages both cognitive and physical development, making it an excellent resource for Montessori preschool classrooms.

Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to pair fine motor skills with the concept of physical and chemical changes? We have designed a free printable activity that is perfect for Montessori preschool students.

You are invited to download this science printable with physical and chemical changes for young students and preschool children aged 3 – 5. This resource will come in handy if your students will be observing a celebration of New Year with fireworks. It’s the perfect time to mention physical and chemical changes. The work is designed with PreK and kindergarten children aged 3-6 in mind. Hence it does not go into much detail. Children can strengthen their fine motor skills and improve their critical thinking as they find the correct pairs. 

This activity involves using pegs to match different physical and chemical changes. It provides hands-on learning and helps children develop their fine motor skills while also gaining a better understanding of these scientific concepts.

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To get started, simply download and print the Physical And Chemical Changes Pairing Activity sheet from the Resource Library. It features a variety of pictures representing different types of changes, such as cutting, bending, burning, and baking.

Once you have printed the activity sheet, you can cut out the individual pictures and laminate them for durability. Then, place the pictures in a box or basket and provide your preschooler with a set of pegs. The goal of the activity is for the child to match each picture with the corresponding physical or chemical change.

Your child will need to use their fine motor skills to manipulate the pegs and attach them to the correct picture. This will help to strengthen hand muscles and improve their dexterity. Additionally, they will be actively engaged in the learning process, reinforcing the concept of physical and chemical changes.

As your child explores the activity, encourage them to discuss each picture and explain why it represents a physical or chemical change. You can ask questions like, “What is happening in this picture?” or “Is this change reversible or irreversible?”

By combining fine motor skills with science, this activity offers a well-rounded learning experience for Montessori preschool students. They will not only be improving their hand-eye coordination and finger strength, but also developing a solid foundation in scientific concepts.


So, go ahead and download our free printable Physical And Chemical Changes Pairing Activity today. It’s a fantastic resource that combines fun, learning, and fine motor skills for your Montessori preschooler.


  • clip on round poster
  • round cards (color) x 10
  • self-check poster
  • clip on round poster line art
  • round cards line art for coloring and cutting x 10
  • self-check poster with labels line art

The printable contains a round poster clip-on card, two sets of matching cards, a master poster with labels, tracing work, and a line art coloring version.

Print the pages on cardstock. Gather pegs and a glue gun. Cut round cards and mount them on the edge of the pegs using a glue gun.

Draw the child’s attention to changes that occur, invite them to clip the images on the corresponding objects, and identify and pair substances and images that represent changes.

Use the labeled poster card for students to self-correct.

Blackline printable – print on regular printing paper. Supply coloring pencils and a writing pencil. Invite the child to trace the words, color corresponding images, and cut and glue pairs to make flip cards.

Physical and Chemical Changes Montessori Nature Pairing Free Printables Science Fine Motor

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