Free Printables

I can make a set of Geoboard Task Cards.

Geoboard Task Cards Free Math Printable

Geoboard or pegboard task cards for making shapes and patterns by attaching rubber bands. Geoboard is a great math manipulative that helps children develop finger strength, and gain a basic

A set of three coloring pages with flowers on them.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards – Free Printable

DIY coloring cards with Valentine’s Day-themed illustrations of gorgeous images of birds, love hearts, fairies, unicorns, cupids, and flowers. Invite your students to color and create their own Valentine’s Day

Explore the wonders of nature with my free printable nature journal.

Nature Journal – Free Printable

A guided nature journal for children to document their explorations outdoors. This journal can be used by children living in any region across the world. Each page contains prompts to

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