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Pin Poking Activities And Free Printables

Pushpin (or pin poking) activity is one of the popular fine motor activities in the Montessori classroom. I would like to share with you different ways to use pins and

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Sensorial Activities Extensions and Free Printables

Sensorial extensions are very helpful as they encourage children to continue using Montessori resources in a creative and engaging way. Using extensions children can put into practice their ability to grade

Baby and toddler printables

Free Montessori Baby and Toddler Printable Materials

Montessori is an approach to early childhood education that emphasizes independence, exploration, and self-directed learning. It is based on the teachings of Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator who

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Thank you for visiting the Montessori Nature Resource Library! I am thrilled you are here! Montessori printables are a great way to supplement your child’s learning in the classroom and

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