10+ Ways to Use Mirrors in Play

Acrylic mirrors make a wonderful tool for children to discover and play with. It creates a different dimension for children to explore shapes and colors. If you are looking for all the inspiring ways to use acrylic mirrors for your child’s play, I invite you to check out the fun ideas gathered in this post.

10+ Ways to Use Mirrors in Play

Sensory Play On A Mirror by Happy Hooligans. Great ideas for using small objects for sensory play and instruments for assorting them on a mirror.

Physics for Kids: Water, Mirrors, and Reflections by My Nearest and Dearest. See what happens when children start to experiment with mirrors and water. So much fun!

Mirror Symmetry Drawing by Housing a Forest. This is a brilliant idea to use a mirror for drawing.

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 Mirrors by Racheous. Rachel shows different ways to incorporate mirrors in learning experiences and how to use them for art, exploratory learning, and play. 

Paint the Sky Activity by Growing a Jeweled Rose. Such a simple yet beautiful way to engage young a child using minimum materials and a natural setup.

Exploring Loose Parts and Mirror Play by One Perfect Day. I loved Ness’s idea to make silver foil blocks for imaginative play with loose parts on a mirror. Such a wonderful experience.

Exploring Shapes and Patterns on a Mirror Box by The Imagination Tree. Watch your child create magic with a DIY mirror box.

Painting the Night. Exploring with Mirrors. by Two Daloo.  Following your child’s prompts is the best way to engage them in meaningful and amazing experiences. This is just gorgeous!

Mirrors & Buttons: A Reggio-Inspired Activity For Sarah By An Everyday Story. It Is Beautiful To See Simple Activities With Buttons Taking A Whole New Dimension When Done On A Mirror.

DIY Mirror Play Table and Why Mirror for play by CAUTION: Twins at Play! A simple way to make a DIY acrylic unbreakable and safe mirror table and provide your child with endless opportunities to discover and explore.

Self Portraits With Mirrors by Life With Moore Babies. What a fun idea to encourage children to draw different facial expressions while experimenting with drawing on a mirror.

Pom Mirror Drop by Adventures of Adam. A great way to incorporate fine motor toddler activities when using a mirror for play.

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