Teaching Chemistry to Upper Elementary Students Aged 9-12 For Teachers & Homeschooling Parents

Teaching chemistry to upper elementary students can be fun and engaging, despite the complexity of the subject. Implementing hands-on experiments and activities can help students better understand concepts such as states of matter, chemical reactions, and the periodic table. Breaking down difficult concepts into smaller, age-appropriate explanations can also increase understanding and engagement.

Encouraging students to ask questions and hypothesize can lead to a deeper understanding of chemistry and its practical applications. Overall, teaching chemistry to upper elementary students can be rewarding and inspire curiosity and critical thinking.

Teaching chemistry is important as it helps individuals to understand the composition of matter, how substances interact with each other, and the changes that occur in chemical reactions. Chemistry is an essential foundation for further studies such as biology, physics, and environmental science, and it is a fundamental science subject that cultivates problem-solving skills and laboratory skills.

Moreover, chemistry plays a significant role in numerous industries such as healthcare, agriculture, engineering, and technology, making it essential for individuals to develop a basic understanding of chemistry to pursue careers in these fields.

Teaching chemistry to upper elementary students using the Montessori approach can have several benefits. Montessori education focuses on hands-on learning and encourages curiosity, independence, and self-directed learning. As chemistry is a fundamental science that explains the world around us, introducing it at a younger age can foster a love for science and inspire students to pursue it further.

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Further, the Montessori approach helps students understand concepts through tangible experiences, such as experiments and demonstrations. By using the Montessori method to teach chemistry, students can develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning.

I am excited to share with you that my friend Dina from Montessori Tube Academy has just added a new Chemistry course to the academy’s courses. This course is tailored for children aged 7-12.

If you have been following me for a while when I first introduced her Early childhood courses back in 2019, maybe you have children now who are in this age group and may benefit from this well-structured course.

To help students think like Chemists the course starts with a special story. The story of elements is the first lesson in this course. Were you taught that matter makes everything around us? You will almost find this statement in every Science textbook in elementary. This is not satisfying enough to introduce how matter is really everything around us.

But when you take children on a journey back in time to when early humans came to earth, how they observed everything around them, and how elements evolved to the 118 elements we now know in the periodic table, this story will stick with them and they will look at everything around them from a different perspective.

Next, the course focuses on how electrons behave in the atom which plays a major role in Chemistry. They refer to what’s happening inside the atom after each experiment and exploration to bridge this gap between the concrete and abstract.

This course is aimed to empower you as a parent or teacher to connect all the Chemistry concepts together in a smooth flow.
This course is divided into 6 modules that you can access through an annual pass renewed yearly. The annual pass gives you two annual Zoom sessions with the Instructional Guide. During these sessions you can ask any questions related to the lessons, have a lesson presented to you in a one-on-one, or present to the child. This is only available for the annual pass members for this course.
There are also many printables included in this course. You can learn more about it through my affiliate link.

Chemistry Course (Upper Elementary 9-12)
Level up your Chemistry skills as a teacher or homeschooling parent!

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