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As the summer season arrives, the natural world is full of wonder and excitement. For young learners aged 3-6, exploring the outdoors can be a magical experience, filled with new sights, sounds, and smells. But what are the signs of summer in nature that they can look out for?

Signs of summer in nature

Here are some signs of summer in nature that are perfect for children to observe and learn about:

Blooming Flowers: Summer is the perfect time to see flowers blooming in all colors and shapes. Encourage children to identify different types of flowers, such as sunflowers, daisies, and black-eyed susans.

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Ripening Fruits: Summer is the season when many fruits ripen, such as strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. Children can help pick and taste the fruits, and learn about the different stages of ripening.

Fireflies: Fireflies are a common sight in summer, and children can enjoy watching them light up in the night sky.

Butterflies: Summer is the perfect time to see butterflies flitting about in gardens and parks. Children can observe their different colors and patterns, and learn about their life cycles.

Warmth and Sunlight: Summer days are often warm and sunny, making it perfect for outdoor activities like playing in the park, swimming, or going on a picnic.

Green Grass: Summer is the season when lawns are lush and green, making it perfect for outdoor play and games.

Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds are a common sight in summer gardens, feeding on nectar from flowers. Children can observe their bright colors and rapid wing movements.

Crickets and Frogs: Summer nights are often filled with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Children can learn about these nocturnal creatures and their habitats.

Endless Days: Summer days seem to stretch on forever, giving children plenty of time to explore and play outside.

Some fun activities you can do with children to explore these signs of summer in nature include:

  • Going on a nature walk to observe the different signs of summer
  • Creating a nature journal to record observations and drawings
  • Planting a summer garden to grow their own fruits and flowers
  • Conducting simple experiments to learn about the life cycles of butterflies and fireflies
  • Playing outdoor games that take advantage of the warm weather
  • Going on a picnic or having a backyard BBQ

Remember to always supervise children when they’re exploring the outdoors, and encourage them to respect and appreciate nature’s wonders!

Signs of Summer free printable

To help your little ones develop their observation skills and connect with the natural world, we’re excited to offer a summer printable that’s packed with fun and educational activities. This free resource includes:

  • Signs of Summer in Nature Poster: A beautiful, visually appealing poster that highlights the key signs of summer in nature.
  • Matching Cards: A set of matching cards that feature images of summer natural phenomena, accompanied by descriptive words and phrases. These cards can be used to play a memory game or to encourage vocabulary building.
  • Coloring Pages: Four delightful coloring pages that showcase summer scenes. These pages are perfect for little hands to get creative and expressive.

Why Explore the Signs of Summer in Nature?

Encouraging young learners to observe the signs of summer in nature can have a profound impact on their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Here are just a few reasons why:

Develops Observation Skills: By paying attention to the natural world, children can develop their observation skills, which are essential for problem-solving and critical thinking.

Fosters Connection with Nature: When children learn about the signs of summer in nature, they can develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world and their place within it.

Promotes Scientific Literacy: Exploring the natural world can help children develop an understanding of scientific concepts, such as cause-and-effect relationships and cycles of change.

Encourages Creativity: The signs of summer in nature offer endless opportunities for creative expression, from drawing and painting to writing and storytelling.

How to Use This Resource

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Gather nonfiction children’s books about Summer for children to explore.

Gather nature objects like flower blooms, feathers, insects in insect jars, and fresh leaves to use along with the cards for your nature corner.

Use these natural materials to kick start a group conversation about different signs of summer the children have observed outdoors already.

I always keep in mind that learning needs can be different in multi-age classrooms. Hence this printable contains a poster and matching cards you can use with younger children for matching.

Older children can be invited to make My Book of Signs of Summer in Nature. Color cards can be printed twice for a memory game or for 3-part card activity. They also will be a lovely addition to your Nature Table display.

The signs of summer in nature offer a wealth of opportunities for learning, exploration, and creativity. With our free summer printable, you can inspire your young learners aged 3-6 to observe changes in the natural environment and develop a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

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About Anastasia - Anastasia is an early childhood teacher and the founder of Montessori Nature - a blog about Montessori living and learning and nature-based explorations. With many years of experience working in a Montessori environment and homeschooling her children, she directed her passion for all things Montessori and nature into creating educational resources. You can learn more here and browse her printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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