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You are invited to download this free summer printable that contains the Signs of Summer in Nature poster, matching cards, coloring pages, cards, and children’s books.

This resource will inspire your young learners aged 3-6 to observe changes in the natural environment.

As summer arrives, nature starts to show signs of the season with warmer temperatures and longer days. Trees blossom and their leaves turn a vibrant green, while birds build nests and fill the air with their songs. Flowers bloom in a riot of colors, and insects such as bees and butterflies can be seen buzzing from plant to plant. Bodies of water become livelier with fish and other aquatic creatures, and animals such as deer and rabbits can be seen foraging for food. The smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of crickets at night are telltale signs that summer is indeed here.

Summer is a great time for kids to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. Some of the best hands-on activities for kids include nature scavenger hunts, butterfly and bug-catching, building birdhouses, planting a garden, and going on a hike.

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Bug catching is a great way to get kids excited about nature during the summer months. First, you will need a net and a container to hold the bugs. Encourage children to look for insects in the grass, flowers, or even on logs. Make sure to teach them about the importance of treating the insects with respect and care. You can also bring a field guide to identify the bugs they catch. Lastly, release the insects back into their natural habitat at the end of the day. This activity is a fun way to teach kids about the natural world and to spark their curiosity about the environment.

Children can also learn about the environment by doing beach cleanups, making bird feeders, and identifying different types of trees and flowers. These activities teach children about nature and provide opportunities for exercise and exploration, fostering a love and appreciation for the great outdoors.

Another great activity is hiking or nature walks, where kids can explore and learn about different ecosystems. A visit to a nature center or wildlife sanctuary can also provide a fun and educational experience for kids. Lastly, camping or picnicking in a nearby park or forest can allow kids to appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Here is what’s included

  • Signs of Summer in Nature color poster
  • Signs of Summer in Nature black and white poster
  • Student booklet (color)
  • Student booklet (black and white)
  • Student booklet independent writing

How to use this resource

Gather nonfiction children’s books about Summer for children to explore.

Use these natural materials to kick start a group conversation about different signs of summer the children have observed outdoors already.

Gather nature objects like flower blooms, feathers, insects in insect jars, and fresh leaves to use along with the cards for your nature corner.

I always keep in mind that learning needs can be different in multi-age classrooms. Hence this printable contains a poster and matching cards you can use with younger children for matching.

Older children can be invited to make My Book of Signs of Summer in Nature. Color cards can be printed twice for a memory game or for 3-part card activity. They also will be a lovely addition to your Nature Table display.

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