Children of the World Multicultural Activities for Children

Children of the World multicultural activities provide an engaging way for Montessori preschool students to learn about different cultures. With a variety of activities and printables, children can explore and celebrate the diversity of our world, promoting cultural understanding and respect from an early age. These materials can help educators create a meaningful learning environment that fosters empathy and appreciation for different cultures.

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Each culture carries an incredibly rich palette of colors and gorgeous patterns represented in their traditional costumes. Children love learning about different traditions all over the world and finding out what makes them so unique and special.

Can you imagine a Montessori classroom without a continent study unit? Impossible. Well, besides being an essential part of the Montessori curriculum it is also lots of fun for kids to learn and even try different cultural outfits.

Multicultural Activities for preschool children

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Teaching multicultural activities to preschool children using the Montessori method involves creating a prepared environment, using hands-on activities, fostering independence, and promoting cultural awareness. Here are some steps to follow:

Prepare the Environment:

Set up a culturally diverse classroom environment that reflects the values and traditions of multiple cultures. Include respectful and accurate representations of different ethnicities, languages, and traditions in the materials, books, and classroom decorations.

Introduce Cultural Materials:

Incorporate multicultural materials into the Montessori materials and activities. For example, use maps or puzzles showing different countries or continents, introduce traditional instruments or music from different cultures, and provide books and pictures that showcase diverse cultures.

Cultural Dress-up Activities:

Set up a dress-up corner with clothing and props from various cultures. Encourage children to explore and try on different traditional clothing, allowing them to experience firsthand the diversity of cultures.

Celebrate Festivals and Holidays:

Teach children about different cultural festivals and holidays throughout the year. Promote understanding and respect by sharing stories, traditions, and food-related to these events. Encourage the children to participate in activities such as making crafts or trying traditional foods.

Language and Vocabulary:

Introduce foreign languages and vocabulary related to different cultures. Create language games or include labels in multiple languages for everyday classroom objects. Teach children basic greetings and common words in different languages.

Cultural Food Experiences:

Organize food-related activities, such as cooking or tasting traditional dishes from various cultures. Teach children about different ingredients, cooking methods, and cultural dining rituals. Ensure safety and consider any dietary restrictions or allergies among the children.

Cultural Music and Dance:

Expose children to diverse musical instruments, songs, and dances. Incorporate music and dance activities from various cultures during group times or free play. Allow each child to explore and experiment with different sounds, rhythms, and movements.

Cultural Stories and Literature:

Include children’s literature that represents diverse perspectives and cultures. Read books that highlight different traditions, values, and characters from around the world. Engage children in discussions about the stories, encouraging them to empathize and appreciate cultural differences.

Cultural Art and Craft:

Provide art materials that allow children to create crafts inspired by different cultures. Introduce unique art techniques and styles from various countries and encourage children to create their own artwork using these techniques.

Promote Cultural Respect and Empathy:

Encourage children to respect and appreciate the diversity around them. Foster a welcoming classroom environment where children feel comfortable sharing their own cultural backgrounds and learning from others. Teach them about the importance of valuing and accepting differences.

Remember, the Montessori method encourages children to learn at their own pace and follow their interests. Allow the children to explore multicultural activities freely, providing guidance and support as needed.

Multicultural printables

I have put together multicultural activities that represent children of the world in their traditional clothes. These work great in our preschool Montessori classroom.
Children of the world dress-up activity make dressing up paper boys and girls great fun. In this printable, there are 12 boys and girls with different skin tone colors.

Each has a set of traditional clothes. I love the idea of sticking magnet tape on the back of each part (after cutting it out and laminating it). If you place a paper girl or boy on a cookie sheet, it will make it easier for kids to dress them up. I also love using paper boy and girl printouts on their own with play-dough activities and invite my child to create dress-ups using play-dough. Find this printable here

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people of the world
Children of the world multicultural printables montessori nature (1)

Children of the World counting puzzles made a great math activity for practicing counting by 1s from 1-100. Each card has ten strips (1-10, 11-20, etc.) These are also more fun when having magnets at the back and done on a cookie sheet. Find this printable here

Children of the world multicultural printables montessori nature (1)
Children of the world multicultural printables montessori nature (1)

This printable demonstrates traditional clothes people wear around the globe Print out on A3 paper and laminate the world map. Next, print out, laminate, and cut out pictures to match the ones on the map. You may also like to attach velcro dots to the World Map and the rest of the printable pieces.


Traditional Costumes Around The World  3 – Part Montessori Cards are very versatile. They contain pictures of the female and male people that represent countries of 6 continents. My “Traditional Costumes Around The World” Book printable for coloring and labeling is included as well. Pictures of people in traditional clothes are just gorgeous. Additionally, students will enjoy using control cards or picture cards for memory or match-up activities. Find this printable here.

Another set of cards – “I Love The Way You..” presents everyday activities children do around the world. These cards are designed to show the beauty and diversity of the human race.

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You can use this printable as an inspiration to create an “I love the way you..” book and include information about different cultures presented in your classroom.

There are 26 cards and a template for children to make a book about their friends. They can take a photo or make a drawing as they gather information.

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